Sunday, April 02, 2017


Feeling thoughtful on this Sunday ~~~~~~~~~ April 2, 2017


How much ever wealth you hoard, how much ever gold and gems you store, you still cannot eat gold, you still will eat only what all humans eat, and not beyond a fill.

How much ever relationships you get into, how much ever friends and relatives you cling on to, the incompleteness will still prevail, for the journey is alone,

How much ever miles you may travel, how much ever places you visit, there still will be a deep longing for an unique place, for the true home is light.

How much ever precautions you take, how much ever plans you make, you still will be encountering unexpected changes, for change and progress is inevitable.

How much ever you try to control, how much ever you impose, still things will move mysteriously differently, for it is the divine will that prevails.

How much ever individuality you bring in, how much ever it is about the "I", no credits can ever be taken, for the doer is He, only it is through you.

How much ever righteousness you claim, how much ever superiority you claim, you still will be inferior to someone, you still will be answerable to someone, for there always is someone above you, no matter how high you reach.

How much ever you practice, how much ever you meditate, it will still seem less, for the practice itself it to go beyond the practices.

How much ever castles you build, how much ever lands or material you acquire, you still are on rented property, for the vacation will be over, sooner or later, and everything will have to be left behind.

So, all the above "how much ever", if noticed, are only our illusory attempts, that feels so true, that makes the part of our every day happiness and sorrow, disguised in the veil of maya, but so real and profound, ke hosh ud jaaye..... and forget the path and goal.

For those who find these thoughts amusing or with no meaning, the veils have all the right to remain over the soul :D. For those whose hearts smile relating well to these thoughts, are surely aware of the veils. For those who are happy to relate to these thoughts yet disappointed at the difficulty of thinning the veil, the soul is surely striving to drop the veil. For the very few great ones, who i see in the world living these truths, their soul has dropped the veil, completely naked to the Divine.

~ Divine Love and Light
~ Jacob Shivanand

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