Sunday, February 08, 2015

Your Soul is on a Journey Here....

The soul is on the journey on earth
In that journey is another journey,
where my soul watches through the windows of my eyes,
Staring into life in it's face,
Vision fixed, yet everything moving
Life throbbing, yet everything stopped
i stare, through the windows of this body
and through the window of this train
and through more windows opening in stillness
The windows keep opening at every layer
Making me aware of this magic of the Creator
all the happening magic - outside and within
Suddenly, all windows begin shutting
Rapidly, withdrawing me back through each window,
Bringing me back to the earthly reality,
and i realize this body is carrying the soul
like how this train is carrying this body
both chugging together - towards it's destination.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Animals teach us so much

Lovely. We are yet into inter-caste and inter-status mindset, but here is a teaching example of Inter-species compassion. Mindset is not an issue with animals as the biggest plus point for them is that they do not have a mind, all they know is to feel.... the quality of sages! 

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