Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Freedom from attachment and detachment

Freedom from the fear of death is incomplete without the freedom of attachment to birth. After a long time i attempted to record something and compose something. This hymn is something which i have been knowingly or unknowingly humming form 15+ years now since i ever heard it first back then. Just experimented quickly on this hymn would sound with some new music work. This hymn is a sanskrit song, dedicated to Lord Rama that was composed in the 18th century by a saint and Advaita philosopher, Sadasiva Brahmendra of Tamil Nadu. Hope you like it.

It breaks the shackles of attachment to life bondages and gives freedom from the fear of death. Attempted to sing in it's original carnatic flavour. Have added a prayer of hope for all rivers merging into the one ocean. Prayers for everything to merge back into that one Universal Consciousness, breaking all barriers and boundaries that have kept every living being apart since time immemorial. Click on the play button below to listen. Hope you like it. 

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