Monday, October 13, 2014

The Invisible Eyes that Watch You

Know that you are beautiful.. know that you are needed in this world, no matter what you feel and how you feel.. While you search the world for seeking that acknowledgement there are invisible eyes watching you always, who knows what you are up to.. 

They can see through everything that you may be going through... good, bad, ugly and while you turn to the world to seek back something and get back something or nothing, know that nothing will stay forever.. Then, in that disappointment that you get after you fail to make it stay, you forget that you are beautiful.. You forget that you got entangled, while you had to only watch, just like those eyes watches you.. for everything is the "cinema" that Baba calls it as. A multi-dimensional cinema for sure because everybody is only supposed to watch. The one that watches you, you who watch others, and so are others who watch others, it is never ending.. but the watching turns into entanglement the moment the cinema characters are taken too seriously. It may not be easy but it is worth it to remind yourself of this.. and watch the movie.. The watching still becomes entanglement if there is laughter for something or sorrow for something for that still is entanglement.. It is like watching a soap opera and going to bed cursing the vamp or watching a yummy advertisement and going to bed craving to have it the next morning. The movie has got you. When the movie gets you aroused or angered or reflexive, rather the attention can be directed to the contents of the movie as to how beautifully and perfectly it was made that though being false, still stirred something in you.

That is why those invisible eyes don't suffer, just because those eyes also sees the beauty in you that plays the role of human life well, in good and adverse situations. Those eyes appreciates you, loves you, comforts you and is not worried about you for those eyes knows that you are just a spark of that One who have stepped out of home for a short trip. Those eyes knows you will be back for sure. Why will it worry? Why should you? Know that you are beautiful. You are needed in this world for some or the other reason that may be beyond your understanding for you play a very important part of existence just like a fly does too. Nothing in unimportant. Know that you are taken care of. Know that you will go back home. It only matters how long and how much you want to enjoy the trip. You are here to enjoy for you chose that. You can still enjoy it like the one who made you does. That quality can never forsake you, for you are a part of that one itself. You carry the same light and same quality, only thing is you forget it at times. It is natural to forget, but you are reminded on and often by those invisible ones. And in the whole process, we learn how to be a part of the celestial movie and watch it too. Extraordinary feat it is :)) Divine Love and Light 

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