Thursday, January 09, 2014

Divine Children Landing on Earth

Many great souls waited in suspension in different realms to take birth on this earth during this time. Some have already taken birth and most are taking birth now. It's the best time for couples to beget a divine child. As Baba says many are in queue to arrive on planet earth at this time because this is the time earth is under rapid transition to higher dimensions and this is the time for many noble souls waited to come back and lend their support. They are looking for the right parents, right environment that can nourish and fulfill their purposes. You make the best conducive conditions and they just arrive.

Never take the little ones for granted, who have already taken birth and are living amidst your families and societies. They may not be physically as smart as you but they can be far more spiritually developed than you. Treat them well. Respect them. It hurts to see when parents or relatives or the big ones mistreat the little ones or keep looking down on them or keep judging them. Sometimes I notice the parent's or elder's egos just can't accept their kids being smarter than them. Most of the time this is subconscious but then this somewhere pops up in external actions but the root causes are jealousy and ego. Surprising but true. Never feel smarter just because you have an older body than your child. You will never know who is what. I see literally saints living in some homes and families but unfortunately their own people can't recognize them.

It is important that we as spiritual seekers begin to respect the greatness hidden in the little bodies. They need support and understanding and not your hankering. Know that the Divine ways are such that if they do not get it from you nature will find thousand different means to reach them that because they are that powerful. Their sankalps and intentions of fulfilling their divine purpose taken by them before their birth is powerful enough to create things for them on earth.

So be grateful if you have a child, for you have not birthed them but have only been an instrument to get them on this plane. So there is no question of 'owning' your kids or having an 'authority' over them. It is a foolish myth. That is why disappointments set in very easily for parents when they see their kids not dancing to their tunes after a certain time. It is not all a harsh situation if the purpose and meaning of creation is understood, if the meaning of birth and death is given a deep thought, if they and their ways are keenly observed. Cherish them, guide them and support them and stay detached. This will not only help bring the best results in them but also surely make you contented one day of having been a great instrument of God both in the eyes of your child and the Divine. Divine Lóve and Light.

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