Friday, December 13, 2013

Which mask are you under?

We all have multiple personalities, some deliberate and some unconscious. A spiritual seeker is one who watches these personalities with the help of his expanded awareness. However confident you feel you don't have a multiple personality, you do have.

Think... You are one personality at home with family, the moment you step out you are another, when you are on road you are another, when in office yet another, when with your boss completely another, in a meeting another, in a party fully another, in a train or bus another, in a church or temple another, while meditating another, in a shivir fully another, while alone you are the real you! Read it once again and while reading think how our thinking, attitudes, personalities, behavior, moods keep constantly changing to adapt to these situations and environment. We constantly project ourselves as 'something' in every environment to make ourselves safe, comfortable and "good" and unknowingly a personality has been created! Next time we come to similar situation and without any effort our personalities change to suit itself. This is because unknowingly we want to become good everywhere and thus to hide our flaws out outer appearance and personalities change.

That is why you will find yourself in a jinx if you boss, collegues, friends, family have to meet at a get-together! Why all this, just fix up a party with your school friend, college friends, locality friends, office friends, family friends, social friends, best friends, and facebook friends and see what a mess you will be in.. Because now it becomes so difficult to play all the roles at once! Who would be the most comfortable here? The one who is he or she everywhere. They will just be 'normal' even in such situations because they have lived as the same person everywhere with everyone and they have nothing to worry about. Forget group of friends, sometimes people are different with each and every individual, what a burden to carry!

So, which is real? I believe it's the one which is totally alone with itself, with noone watching. When you are at home with not even your family around, you are the real you. Even if you become aware that one person from out of the window is watching you, you will change! Hypocrisy sets in. We behave what we are not and we live in the ignorant glory of these personalities believing "I am what I am" or "this is the way I am" or "I am cool" or "I am holy" or "I am a mess" or "I am bold" or "noone likes me" or "poor me" or "great me" and so on. So, who are the ones who are themselves everywhere. Currently, I can only think of saints or self-realized ones. They are the real "I am what I am" everywhere, every moment. What is in you will see it out and vice-versa. No camouflaging. 

So, the real and true personality of an individual is the one which is alone with itself without anyone watching. In this position, you will notice that you will yawn freely, sit freely, be most comfortable even if you have not combed your hair or had a make-up, most comfortable with any kind of clothes or even with no clothes, you will scratch yourself anywhere with utmost liberty, dig your nose, gulp food, burp, fart, and do anything and everything that you really are. This is the real "I" .. Lol.. By the way, while reading a few above did you feel "yuck"? That's the false "I" ... Lol... Saints are those who carry this same personality even outside.

This is meaning to say that in spiritual growing, these false layers will have to be shed. Seekers on the path become aware of this

falseness. How? With awareness. Just watch what all your mind does in all these different situations. Just this observation will make you constantly realize the "false I" which will slowly make you not do things which are not you! Hypocrisy will start declining. Pretension will start declining. Falseness will start declining. Ego will receive lesser fuel. Power of discrimination will increase. Awareness will increase. You will start becoming more connected to the "real I". Sincerity and truthfulness will increase. Flaws will automatically start reducing. Simplicity will start setting in. So many things will simultaneously happen making this whole process an everyday sadhna in itself. Divine Love and Light.

Monday, December 02, 2013

All religions and spiritual branches are ONE

The purpose of religion was to establish universal brotherhood of love and peace, but unfortunately took ugly turns with distortions in its purposes. When it really did not work in bringing oneness and true liberation, the new age replaced with many spiritual processes that shunned religions and mere rituals to more meaningful and powerful processes of self-transformation but holding on to it's true roots of oneness through respect and acceptance of all cults, religion and traditions, unconditional love through seeing Divinity in everyone and everything and by reminding oneself of one's true source from the light and also reminding oneself that everything else also is from that light.

In my travels, it pinches to see the spiritual processes also sometimes forgetting the true purpose of its establishment by the Divine, when slowly there seems to be developing a competition, defense systems, insecurities, and an urge to prove oneself as the best and only right means to salvation. Everything, every process, every master, every incarnation, every guide, every.. everything is moving humanity towards ascension in some or the other way. Until this is respected and accepted, everything around will only continue what religions and great civilizations tried and failed, to proclaim self-righteousness by trying to prove everything else wrong.

Every master, every religion, every spark of light is unique in it's own way, just as every individual soul is unique in it's own way. It's only that depending on the individual's tastes and personality they get attracted to a master, a religion, a cult, a teacher, a process, an organization, a guide and chose to learn and grow towards the final goal. All of it continue guiding humanity towards the ultimate source in it's own special ways. It is said - 'As many souls, so many paths.' which does not mean one follow everything but it only means that all paths have to be respected if not acknowledged because all take you there. It's like reaching a mountain top; there are many routes and paths from the foothill to the top - some by steps, some by trek, some atop animals, some by winch cars, some by rope cars... As I watched people trying to get on top of the hill, I noticed all were climbing in the ways of their choices, preferences and conveniences, but all were moving up - to that common ONE mountain top. It was natural for every individual to feel that the route one has chosen is the best and it is the truth. What one chooses is definitely the best for that person but how foolish to discriminate or condemn other paths or ways. How foolish for someone on the other side to think that their way is the only way and not this way. It was hilarious to watch this.

Never fight or swell to prove one's religion, Guru or practice as only way to salvation. Hold pride in your Guru, religion, or whatever but know there is no Divine right to condemn anyone else in any way. It is true that one must be alert and aware of wrong paths and false prophets but wisdom is to move away from it quietly than to pull out the machine gun of thoughts, words and acts. Salvation has happened through multiple religions and cults also. Salvation comes only from realizing the true source that one has come from and is returning to. For ultimate salvation, first it is important to achieve salvation from one's own ignorances, one's own hatred, one's own jealousy, one's own discriminating tendencies, one's own selfishness. Salvation comes from being at peace with oneself and with others. Salvation comes from bringing unconditional love, letting go and unconditional acceptance of all religion and traditions and cults and processes. Being devoted and following one path is very important but also equally important is not to be self-righteous about it and be accepting and nonjudgemental unconditionally. This is what Babaji's finest teachings of unconditional love, acceptance, and nonjudgmental means to me.

In my travels, it's surprising to see many misleading beliefs on the real spiritual essence, leaving me to sincerely hope that spirituality does not simply end up replacing religions that history showed went ahead to even kill just to defend and proclaim self-righteousness. Not when the Maharishis and countless Siddhas are working relentlessly since ages to break this strong darkness of human ignorance of the need and urge to separate itself from creation, from the Source, as a separate identity, at least not for the students of Advaita. Somewhere it is seen that in spirituality also this is happening but not at gross levels because it remains suppressed at denser levels but somewhere it is unknowingly happening at the subtler levels, where one is ready to defend one's belief and practice and waiting for an opportunity to upturn other practices, Gurus, religions, etc.

Let the light of the Divine remind us timely of this foolishness and put us back only towards purity and oneness with the purest of intentions. Let there be only love, light and laughter in all that we do as we move to become that love and light.

Love, light and laughter!
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