Monday, October 21, 2013

Love me? Who is that?

Have you been deprived of love and attention? If so, you will find yourself seeking it from everything and everyone, especially if your childhood has been deprived of it. With that, will arise expectations and with expectations will come disappointment because the world will not know what you are looking for... and the world is not responsible for giving that to you... The more you get put down, criticized, hurt, the more you will add on to the misery and keep sinking. It's something to do with your own self and not the world.

i had been through this and i remember running after people, especially my father for love... And he simply asked one day, "So does it mean i put you on my shoulder and tell you that i love you?" Somehow, i could not take that and i believed there was something incomplete in me and after that i was chasing the world for it. Whenever i tried to do something my teachers, relatives and friends put me down because what i did seemed odd to them. Whenever i drew something or sang and looked up to him for appreciation (seeking appreciation is nothing but seeking love) i felt turned down when he never bothered to look at it or when he would ask "What about your studies?" Thus, i learnt how inadequate i am and i accepted it because of the majority it came from. i began to get the feeling that it was a sin to sing or dance or draw or write or do anything other than studying. Today, when i look back i see i have done everything other than studying :D i was always compared with other kids and that made me get those good-for-nothing feelings. Those disappointments got engraved into me because the people i trusted and depended upon had those judgements about me, and a little damaging since i looked on always to my father for it because i loved him the most. So, when it came from him, i accepted it whole-heartedly that i don't deserve it as i am good for nothing. He was basically a very good person from the heart but he didn't know all this stuff and he probably had the same from his father that he was unknowingly passing it to me.

So, dear ones, it's so important to convey this to your children that you love them and are appreciated for the good they do, and that they are indeed beautiful souls and can achieve anything they want to. They don't need your sarcasms, taunts and criticism. Put your foot down firmly on the wrong they do, but do appreciate and encourage them for the good they do. Failing to do so will crumple the budding flowers. What you give them will surely become a part of their life. What you say you must mean it because they read your energies more than your words. And, while you do so, also teach them the same as they grow up so that they are self-sufficient in all areas of life.

So, i grew up chasing people and things for that one thing... LOVE... and never found it until i fortunately came across my spiritual friends about a decade ago who talked about weird things like "Love is within". It took me a great deal of time to figure this out exactly. It took some good amount of readings from spiritual masters and inspirational speakers who had already changed millions of lives. This was the time when my spiritual journey was beginning, about 10-11 years back.

Today, the Divine just shone it's light on this episode of my life, when some memories of it surfaced, and probably it was for a good reason - to write something on it and i thought i should share it with you...

The first simple yet powerful thing to begin with loving yourself is not by just saying it but meaning it... One of the most practical way is the mirror... lol... Find out how hard it is to look into the mirror and smile and say "I love you" or "You are simply beautiful" Do it wholeheartedly because if you have not been loving yourself, you will find that you may choke or you may not be able to look into your own eyes So stare at yourself lovingly and say it while meaning it.. Say and mean anything that will help you connect with what you are saying. Do it often and often and often and you will see the changes... meanwhile stop comparing yourself with others, how much ever you are put down. You are special in your very own way because every single human is unique. You can't be others and others can't be you. Loving yourself is loving the God within you that has been shadowed with bruises of life, incidents, patterns, habits, conditioning, etc, etc, etc... You may be even be unknowingly hating yourself. All this will show up with this simple practice and if it has been so, it will start subsiding soon. Sometimes, it may need guts to look into your eyes, especially if you are crying. Take up the courage and face your reflection. Face yourself. Face the God within you... No, i don't certainly mean that you keep staring at the way you are dressed or how beautiful that gel looks or on that new trim and look, but though this may be included (lol), the true purpose and essence is in loving that one in those clothes, the way he or she is and appreciating how wonderful his or her presence is beneficial for oneself and for others... got some good pics here to remind the beauty of YOU. Hope this helps... Love and light!

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