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Friday, December 13, 2013

Which mask are you under?

We all have multiple personalities, some deliberate and some unconscious. A spiritual seeker is one who watches these personalities with the help of his expanded awareness. However confident you feel you don't have a multiple personality, you do have.

Think... You are one personality at home with family, the moment you step out you are another, when you are on road you are another, when in office yet another, when with your boss completely another, in a meeting another, in a party fully another, in a train or bus another, in a church or temple another, while meditating another, in a shivir fully another, while alone you are the real you! Read it once again and while reading think how our thinking, attitudes, personalities, behavior, moods keep constantly changing to adapt to these situations and environment. We constantly project ourselves as 'something' in every environment to make ourselves safe, comfortable and "good" and unknowingly a personality has been created! Next time we come to similar situation and without any effort our personalities change to suit itself. This is because unknowingly we want to become good everywhere and thus to hide our flaws out outer appearance and personalities change.

That is why you will find yourself in a jinx if you boss, collegues, friends, family have to meet at a get-together! Why all this, just fix up a party with your school friend, college friends, locality friends, office friends, family friends, social friends, best friends, and facebook friends and see what a mess you will be in.. Because now it becomes so difficult to play all the roles at once! Who would be the most comfortable here? The one who is he or she everywhere. They will just be 'normal' even in such situations because they have lived as the same person everywhere with everyone and they have nothing to worry about. Forget group of friends, sometimes people are different with each and every individual, what a burden to carry!

So, which is real? I believe it's the one which is totally alone with itself, with noone watching. When you are at home with not even your family around, you are the real you. Even if you become aware that one person from out of the window is watching you, you will change! Hypocrisy sets in. We behave what we are not and we live in the ignorant glory of these personalities believing "I am what I am" or "this is the way I am" or "I am cool" or "I am holy" or "I am a mess" or "I am bold" or "noone likes me" or "poor me" or "great me" and so on. So, who are the ones who are themselves everywhere. Currently, I can only think of saints or self-realized ones. They are the real "I am what I am" everywhere, every moment. What is in you will see it out and vice-versa. No camouflaging. 

So, the real and true personality of an individual is the one which is alone with itself without anyone watching. In this position, you will notice that you will yawn freely, sit freely, be most comfortable even if you have not combed your hair or had a make-up, most comfortable with any kind of clothes or even with no clothes, you will scratch yourself anywhere with utmost liberty, dig your nose, gulp food, burp, fart, and do anything and everything that you really are. This is the real "I" .. Lol.. By the way, while reading a few above did you feel "yuck"? That's the false "I" ... Lol... Saints are those who carry this same personality even outside.

This is meaning to say that in spiritual growing, these false layers will have to be shed. Seekers on the path become aware of this

falseness. How? With awareness. Just watch what all your mind does in all these different situations. Just this observation will make you constantly realize the "false I" which will slowly make you not do things which are not you! Hypocrisy will start declining. Pretension will start declining. Falseness will start declining. Ego will receive lesser fuel. Power of discrimination will increase. Awareness will increase. You will start becoming more connected to the "real I". Sincerity and truthfulness will increase. Flaws will automatically start reducing. Simplicity will start setting in. So many things will simultaneously happen making this whole process an everyday sadhna in itself. Divine Love and Light.


Monday, December 02, 2013

All religions and spiritual branches are ONE

The purpose of religion was to establish universal brotherhood of love and peace, but unfortunately took ugly turns with distortions in its purposes. When it really did not work in bringing oneness and true liberation, the new age replaced with many spiritual processes that shunned religions and mere rituals to more meaningful and powerful processes of self-transformation but holding on to it's true roots of oneness through respect and acceptance of all cults, religion and traditions, unconditional love through seeing Divinity in everyone and everything and by reminding oneself of one's true source from the light and also reminding oneself that everything else also is from that light.

In my travels, it pinches to see the spiritual processes also sometimes forgetting the true purpose of its establishment by the Divine, when slowly there seems to be developing a competition, defense systems, insecurities, and an urge to prove oneself as the best and only right means to salvation. Everything, every process, every master, every incarnation, every guide, every.. everything is moving humanity towards ascension in some or the other way. Until this is respected and accepted, everything around will only continue what religions and great civilizations tried and failed, to proclaim self-righteousness by trying to prove everything else wrong.

Every master, every religion, every spark of light is unique in it's own way, just as every individual soul is unique in it's own way. It's only that depending on the individual's tastes and personality they get attracted to a master, a religion, a cult, a teacher, a process, an organization, a guide and chose to learn and grow towards the final goal. All of it continue guiding humanity towards the ultimate source in it's own special ways. It is said - 'As many souls, so many paths.' which does not mean one follow everything but it only means that all paths have to be respected if not acknowledged because all take you there. It's like reaching a mountain top; there are many routes and paths from the foothill to the top - some by steps, some by trek, some atop animals, some by winch cars, some by rope cars... As I watched people trying to get on top of the hill, I noticed all were climbing in the ways of their choices, preferences and conveniences, but all were moving up - to that common ONE mountain top. It was natural for every individual to feel that the route one has chosen is the best and it is the truth. What one chooses is definitely the best for that person but how foolish to discriminate or condemn other paths or ways. How foolish for someone on the other side to think that their way is the only way and not this way. It was hilarious to watch this.

Never fight or swell to prove one's religion, Guru or practice as only way to salvation. Hold pride in your Guru, religion, or whatever but know there is no Divine right to condemn anyone else in any way. It is true that one must be alert and aware of wrong paths and false prophets but wisdom is to move away from it quietly than to pull out the machine gun of thoughts, words and acts. Salvation has happened through multiple religions and cults also. Salvation comes only from realizing the true source that one has come from and is returning to. For ultimate salvation, first it is important to achieve salvation from one's own ignorances, one's own hatred, one's own jealousy, one's own discriminating tendencies, one's own selfishness. Salvation comes from being at peace with oneself and with others. Salvation comes from bringing unconditional love, letting go and unconditional acceptance of all religion and traditions and cults and processes. Being devoted and following one path is very important but also equally important is not to be self-righteous about it and be accepting and nonjudgemental unconditionally. This is what Babaji's finest teachings of unconditional love, acceptance, and nonjudgmental means to me.

In my travels, it's surprising to see many misleading beliefs on the real spiritual essence, leaving me to sincerely hope that spirituality does not simply end up replacing religions that history showed went ahead to even kill just to defend and proclaim self-righteousness. Not when the Maharishis and countless Siddhas are working relentlessly since ages to break this strong darkness of human ignorance of the need and urge to separate itself from creation, from the Source, as a separate identity, at least not for the students of Advaita. Somewhere it is seen that in spirituality also this is happening but not at gross levels because it remains suppressed at denser levels but somewhere it is unknowingly happening at the subtler levels, where one is ready to defend one's belief and practice and waiting for an opportunity to upturn other practices, Gurus, religions, etc.

Let the light of the Divine remind us timely of this foolishness and put us back only towards purity and oneness with the purest of intentions. Let there be only love, light and laughter in all that we do as we move to become that love and light.

Love, light and laughter!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Love me? Who is that?

Have you been deprived of love and attention? If so, you will find yourself seeking it from everything and everyone, especially if your childhood has been deprived of it. With that, will arise expectations and with expectations will come disappointment because the world will not know what you are looking for... and the world is not responsible for giving that to you... The more you get put down, criticized, hurt, the more you will add on to the misery and keep sinking. It's something to do with your own self and not the world.

i had been through this and i remember running after people, especially my father for love... And he simply asked one day, "So does it mean i put you on my shoulder and tell you that i love you?" Somehow, i could not take that and i believed there was something incomplete in me and after that i was chasing the world for it. Whenever i tried to do something my teachers, relatives and friends put me down because what i did seemed odd to them. Whenever i drew something or sang and looked up to him for appreciation (seeking appreciation is nothing but seeking love) i felt turned down when he never bothered to look at it or when he would ask "What about your studies?" Thus, i learnt how inadequate i am and i accepted it because of the majority it came from. i began to get the feeling that it was a sin to sing or dance or draw or write or do anything other than studying. Today, when i look back i see i have done everything other than studying :D i was always compared with other kids and that made me get those good-for-nothing feelings. Those disappointments got engraved into me because the people i trusted and depended upon had those judgements about me, and a little damaging since i looked on always to my father for it because i loved him the most. So, when it came from him, i accepted it whole-heartedly that i don't deserve it as i am good for nothing. He was basically a very good person from the heart but he didn't know all this stuff and he probably had the same from his father that he was unknowingly passing it to me.

So, dear ones, it's so important to convey this to your children that you love them and are appreciated for the good they do, and that they are indeed beautiful souls and can achieve anything they want to. They don't need your sarcasms, taunts and criticism. Put your foot down firmly on the wrong they do, but do appreciate and encourage them for the good they do. Failing to do so will crumple the budding flowers. What you give them will surely become a part of their life. What you say you must mean it because they read your energies more than your words. And, while you do so, also teach them the same as they grow up so that they are self-sufficient in all areas of life.

So, i grew up chasing people and things for that one thing... LOVE... and never found it until i fortunately came across my spiritual friends about a decade ago who talked about weird things like "Love is within". It took me a great deal of time to figure this out exactly. It took some good amount of readings from spiritual masters and inspirational speakers who had already changed millions of lives. This was the time when my spiritual journey was beginning, about 10-11 years back.

Today, the Divine just shone it's light on this episode of my life, when some memories of it surfaced, and probably it was for a good reason - to write something on it and i thought i should share it with you...

The first simple yet powerful thing to begin with loving yourself is not by just saying it but meaning it... One of the most practical way is the mirror... lol... Find out how hard it is to look into the mirror and smile and say "I love you" or "You are simply beautiful" Do it wholeheartedly because if you have not been loving yourself, you will find that you may choke or you may not be able to look into your own eyes So stare at yourself lovingly and say it while meaning it.. Say and mean anything that will help you connect with what you are saying. Do it often and often and often and you will see the changes... meanwhile stop comparing yourself with others, how much ever you are put down. You are special in your very own way because every single human is unique. You can't be others and others can't be you. Loving yourself is loving the God within you that has been shadowed with bruises of life, incidents, patterns, habits, conditioning, etc, etc, etc... You may be even be unknowingly hating yourself. All this will show up with this simple practice and if it has been so, it will start subsiding soon. Sometimes, it may need guts to look into your eyes, especially if you are crying. Take up the courage and face your reflection. Face yourself. Face the God within you... No, i don't certainly mean that you keep staring at the way you are dressed or how beautiful that gel looks or on that new trim and look, but though this may be included (lol), the true purpose and essence is in loving that one in those clothes, the way he or she is and appreciating how wonderful his or her presence is beneficial for oneself and for others... got some good pics here to remind the beauty of YOU. Hope this helps... Love and light!

Photo courtesies: i do not own copyrights to these images and are taken from the internet.







Sunday, September 08, 2013

Mother Mary - a mystical happening

Today is Mother Mary's birthday. She is referred as the most compassionate, most loving, virgin Mother because of Her high chastity and purity while in Her human embodiment, who was the instrument to bring a great Master - loving Jesus Christ on the earth plane. Almost a large part of my life, I carried Mother Mary's loving picture with me, especially school days, where I had stuck Her photo in my instrument (compass) box, so that I could see Her every time I opened the box. This was a mystical picture because it was already used by my aunt during her schooling and then I used it throughout my school till 10th. Never did it's color even fade. She was the first I spoke to after I woke up and had the last whispered conversation before I went to sleep. She is the most beautiful loving form of divine love I have always experienced.

In earth history, there were many times she appeared at various places to give the ones who earnestly prayed to her what they needed, especially protection, health and life. One of such places was Velankanni, Tamil Nadu, where she appeared to a poor lame boy who sold buttermilk who walked after that. Since then this place has been a miracle place for lakhs of people across all faiths who visit there. September 8th is the day when even more people gather to celebrate this day, to pray for healings and to offer gratitude.

On this opportunity, i would like to share something mystical that happened during my last 15-day travel in May 2013 to various Siddha (Yogis who are perfected beings) locations. This travel was focused solely on meditating in those sacred locations that included jungles, hills, caves, etc and it covered more than 3000+ kms from New Delhi to places in Karnataka to Tamilnadu and into Andhra Pradesh and back to Delhi. Everything went perfectly as planned and we were perfectly "guided" and protected all through the difficult terrains and paths.  While we were in Tamilnadu, we were to proceed towards a place called Vaideeshwran Koil, the place of the Siddha Nadi Shastra Vigyan, but we found ourselves only 40 kms away from Velankanni and i felt eager to go there. i had been there once before and i knew it was a powerful place but i hesitated my friends may not like to go there. To my surprise, when i mentioned that we were close to Velankanni, they knew about this place and expressed their eagerness to go there and we changed our direction of travel. We three practised the spiritual practices of one Master, our Guru. This was the first time i came to this place after the spiritual practices i did and this time, sensitive to energy that our Master had made us, the energy in the church and around could be experienced physically and subtly. We prayed and meditated in the church, kneeling down, a symbol of surrender of ego. What a beautiful blend of religion it felt, though for me and my friends there was nothing different or varying from the deep meditational experiences we could have at a so-called Hindu sacred location or a Sikh or a Christian sacred place. We visited the various holy spots in the vicinity of the church. I recited the prayers of the Mother all around and even the mantra of Shakti, the feminine. It was a great experience and such a beautiful feeling and deep down or you may call high up there, there are no religions; for the divine it is all your energy and your pure intentions in everything you do.

Then, we continued to our pre-planned destination - Vaideeshwaran Koil,  a place that is known to hold the sacred knowing of Nadi Shastra Vigyan, since thousands of years when to the time of ancient Yogis, who wrote the destiny of each and every human being on palm leaves. They sound very superstitious or religious but are none, but a deep science. The ancient Yogis of India were the greatest  scientist who had even known about gravitation, solar science, about the Universe, astrology, and other mysteries without scientific instruments but their powerful meditational practices. They traveled the entire globe without vehicles but their mystical powers. 
Vaideeshwaran Koil
But with time everything that they had given to the world adulterated or eventually vanished owing to the selfish motives of human beings. The Nadi Shastra was one such very rare science available in this part of India, that were passed down from the Yogi's generations to generations, of course, it remains with very few genuine people, rest operate with various other motives. Here, only your date of birth and thumb impression is taken and the rest is revealed by the expert. I was wanting to test this out that i always used to hear from my master, who himself is from the Yogic tradition, and was curious to know it's authenticity. So, this time, this place was also on our charts. After our meditation at a certain Yogi's location, we were "guided" to a Nadi Shastra expert. I found nothing superstitious there, as he took my birth date and thumb impression. The thumb impression is taken to check certain mounds that reveals lot of data. He went in and brought a set of selected dry palm leaves that looked thousands of years old. He asked me questions to which I was to only answer with yes or no. While I did that, I saw him shuffling the palm leaves and finally arranging a set of leaves while the rest he pushed aside. You could call it a science of permutation and combinations. Then, a few more questions, and some more leaves were removed and then he sat with the final set of palm leaves. 
The full reading would take about 1-1/2 hours and a general one 1/2 hour and i had opted for general because of lack of time. He then began revealing my own name, my family members' name including my siblings, the life incidents that I and my family went through, the people I lost in life, my current situations, my current profession, my past lives and what karma from previous life brought me the current circumstances, the future status of me with the people i am related to in this life time. I sat there acknowledging but not excited over these things because my Master was clear at all times that the future can be predicted through this or astrology or palmistry or other sciences but humans always have the power to change it with sadhna (spiritual practices) because he always told that every incident sprouts from our past Karmas (deeds) and our current karmas predecide our future life incidents, thus, by changing the present karmas, the future can always be changed. If nothing is done at present and one lives life as it is then the destiny would take shape according to these predestined routes that are nothing but only the laws of creation - the cause and effect, what Jesus said "What you sow, so shall you reap", which other religions call Karma. Anyways, my intention here was not to speak of this but to show how deeply everything is connected and there is nothing called religion actually. So, coming to the point, during the reading, he suddenly mentioned about Velankanni and a sadhna I would need to do there as it was linked to my past and this life and here I was zapped because I had come from Velankanni itself. He told me it's relevance and i would very much understand and co-relate it to what it was in my life that he was relating to. After giving more insights, he closed the reading with the last mention of the age i would leave my body. He looked at me if I had any questions and reading my non-reaction to any of his reading he assumed that i was not believing in what he said, especially because i was a Christian. i thanked him quickly, paid him his fees and left with a smile on my face, amazed at this great science and the words of the my master and the powers of the Yogis.

Word of caution: In Nadi shastra there are thousands of nadi experts there with open shops and not all are necessarily genuine. Wrong readings and digging into future through these forms can have adverse effects on human minds. Even what could have been changed with sadhna, one can actually manifest it if one does not look at all this from a different level of consciousness. Imagine someone telling everything accurately and then says you die on this day or certain thing will happen on this day. One who is not prepared for this will linger in this and create it for themselves though there were chances of them changing that event by spiritual practices. Moreover, even if the readings may be accurate to convince you, still there are chances of manipulation in it somewhere or the other for various motives, mainly money. Though all sorts of people go for Nadi Shastra readings, I would never recommend it unless the purpose of it is for the higher and purer purposes. And if one is aligned for such purposes, then one will surely be guided to the right person, IF that is for one's highest good.

I deliberately put this experience to focus on the fact that there is nothing called religion, everything is one, God is one, His ways are many, His forms are many. All are reaching the same Supreme power through any path or religion.

Velankanni is a very relevant place for mystical happenings. Today, takes place a great festival there to celebrate Her birthday. She is fondly known as "Our Lady of Health". I had forgotten Her for a while and I think today, sitting in my room, on the right day, I was reminded of Her and felt the need to share Her love. Happy Birthday Mother  


Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Filling my cup first...

It is true that as a human being we have qualities of compassion and the urge to help the creation which is the most beautiful quality given by the Creator. But, in order to help, we must first be filled in with the quality we wish to give. We must behold it first to give it to others. We are the cup placed in the creation of the Creator. The cup MUST be filled first to overflow and reach into the creation. To give anything out, be it love, hatred, peace, joy, fear, etc, i must first hold that quality fully, only then i can reach out to others. If i wish to give love, it cannot reach others until i am full with it and likewise if i wish to give fear and hatred to others, i cannot be giving it until i am myself first filled with it. So, to help others, i must help myself first.

Working on oneself first is what my master always taught. All are concerns of the world cannot be dealt with in the same coin. His teachings never teach eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. Hatred cannot be dealt with hatred. Crime cannot be dealt by day and night focusing about crime. Our vibrations matter. What we think and worry vibrates and sends out similar vibrations out into the Universe that only ends up adding to the misery. Whenever someone approaches Him with a problem, illness, or anything that is overwhelming for the person, He asks the same question untiringly, "What is it that you want?".... meaning focusing on what you want and not focusing on what you don't want. He says for disease, focus on health; for hatred focus on love, which is a prayer in itself that will send vibrations of this energy to counter-act with the negative energy. This is what healing is all about. If i focus on the ugliness of something i am no less responsible than being another additional cause to that ugliness.

Mother Theresa, one of the greatest Messiahs of peace, unconditional love and nishkaam seva, was invited to join for the a rally against war. Now, this looks very meaningful and purposeful to have a messiah of peace to fight violence, and it must have seemed to be the need of the hour. Mother's calm and prompt reply was, "I will never attend an anti-war rally; if you have a peace rally, invite me." Her work shows the overwhelming success she achieved in what she wanted to do. She was very clear with her "What is it that you want?" question. So are all the Masters of peace and love. Very clear with this principle of focusing on what they want. They have achieved a lot in it but unfortunately most of it goes unnoticed. But for one to becoming that way or seeing things that way may be very difficult, especially in testing times and in times where there is so much of confusion, doubts, fear and many question marks. Why is it that some are able to focus clearly on the good aspects or opposite qualities of the negative and why is it that some though knowing about it is unable to do anything about it and end up in focusing and unknowingly fueling the negative state?
One word -impurities. Impurities within oneself to stay focused. To cleanse it means to purify it and that comes from inner cleansing through tapas, sadhna, meditation or anything that does it... meaning cleaning my own cup. Only when i can clean my cup will i be able to fill. Only when i fill myself to the brim can i overflow with what i am filled with and be able to overflow it to others. Only then, will my help be of use. Otherwise, it is like... i am penniless and i wish to do charity for the poor. The "charity to the poor" might sound a clean word and even justifying to my purpose of moving towards that good action, but ignorantly i will be nothing more than miserable because i want to genuinely help the poor but i am not able to. Then i get frustrated, confused, angry and begin blaming everything around me. i would blame the government, the system and even if more miserable end up blaming God. In the process, i have only unknowingly added to the world's poverty.

By crying out rape, murder, war, injustice.... i only end up sending similar negative waves into the already jumbled energy patterns. Bringing awareness of what is happening around is surely a need but it must always be done without letting of the focus of what outcome you desire. This can be very easily seen with the results that it brings whenever the newspapers or social media platforms put out the negative words to the world. It is always noted that immediately there will be a rise in similar crimes. The more the group 'effort' to curb it in that wrong way, the more similar crimes are seen to rise.  This can influence anyone who is repeatedly being exposed other's opinions about others.  When you repeatedly become exposed to any negative stimuli from outside, you unknowingly start absorbing it and making it a living truth for you. What i had written just a few days about "Any lie can become your truth".
This is where workers of light make a difference. This is how the great holy Siddha's over all the eras contributed to raising the human consciousness. Silently, from behind the scene. The world might not even know what kind of deadly disasters and afflictions awaiting humans have been averted due to the compassion of these great souls due to their selfless work, healing and prayers, but it matters nothing for them and they always have been and always will be doing their work in silence. If one wants to work for the noble causes of the Siddha tradition and the Ascended Masters, it will always be in silence. Silence is not weakness. Silence is power because the mind is now more focused on what it wants without unwanted distractions. Silence also is working behind the scene which comes out of selflessness. My master has often mentioned that when one becomes selfless, nature blesses that person abundantly and prayers and healing are quicker because there is no selfish agendas in it. Moreover, there are unwanted debates, arguments, conflicts and other distractions which can stagger the focused mind. Again, to have a focused mind, it would need sadhna or austerities. If that is still not achieved then one should quietly focus on self-cleansing. Working on the self first. If i am getting disturbed and distressed and depressed it is because of my own dirt. So, first step is to clean that and become the vessel to hold, fill and overflow. Until that filling happens, it should be only working my very own self. That is what is meant by "God helps those who help themselves." By helping ourselves, we are helping humanity in ways beyond our understanding!

So as a student of life if i ask myself what can i do to the situations around me, i would say as a learner that till i master my energies and life, i would not want to focus on the outside but focus more to the inside. So, focus again turns inward to master that and avoid anything and everything distracting... be it visual, audio, text, gossip, that only fuels my negativeness and thus bringing down my own consciousness. It's like what my Master says - walking two steps forward and taking three steps backward.
So the ultimate solution to anything and everything we don't like or even the causes we like to help, the solution begins by helping ourselves first. Once, our cups are filled, we can distribute all that was filled and overflowing and in the process of distributing, never become devoid of it. If we move around with empty cups to fill other cups, we only end up pouring what we have and then left with nothing to be only more miserable, but If i myself have no energies in me how can i raise someone's energies? If i myself have unwanted karma to work on, how can i help someone with their karmas. It may satisfy the ego that i have done something for someone or am doing something for others, but in the process i am only hurting myself. At such times, it is important to practice what my teacher taught - the drustha bhaav or the witnessing attitude. Just witnessing the various episodes of life happening throughout the world without jumping into it, judging, and worrying and reacting to them. When this is done it will give us an astonishing revelation that "everything is not in my hands" and that "the creation does not function according to my will". If one fails to do this, one will notice that after all the chaos and adverse energies and thoughts that the mind creates, in the end one only remains agitated, frustrated and depressed. Thus, as students this is very important to know it is always first my dirty cup, my unfilled cup. Until then, let those who have mastered their energies handle it wisely, while we dedicate ourselves to self-perfection and self-purification. This act tremendously helps the Masters we are connected to. First by being a student. First, self-mastery. It is only then one can be at peace, grow, master oneself, and even be of great help in helping humanity. Amen.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Your Lie can become Your Truth

"If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth." ~ Joseph Goebbels.

An alarming statement to what can happen with negative thinking. First, a negative idea looks very natural and okay. When repeated often, we will not even know when it has become a part of us. So also does a lie. How many times has it happened that lies are casually told in daily life, thinking it is okay, and sometimes even in the name of doing it with good intentions. We can say our intention was good and speak a lie or do a negative thing that we later justify under pure intentions.... unaware of the dangerous pattern it is creating, each time digging the nail of the lie deeper into the psyche.
It would not be a surprise to one day notice how effortlessly the lie has become a truth and one even starts acting or speaking in that way without even knowing. Others will notice it but not you because by now it has become a totally unconscious act. God sees this. Your consciousness sees this. Your real self sees it. We may justify it with a thousand words or explanations or even with a cunning silence of 'poor me', but the inner self still sees through it. This situation is nothing but what one has woven oneself into. What is believed to have been done with good intention unfortunately was not. So, in such cases, I find that, being truthful to my own self can make me truthful to every other thing. Not necessarily, the lie spoken to others but the lie unknowingly even spoken to myself, the lie that looks harmless and sweet but are in fact the seed of self-destruction. Vigilance with awareness and watchfulness of every action, thought and word is the first step to work upon in the lie business. Efforts in being conscious of every little thing is a great step. That is why it is stressed upon "living in the present moment" and "being truthful" and "being aware" and "doing everything consciously".

Being conscious means being totally aware and alive in every act.  This even even means being vigilant while saying the famous unconscious customary "I'm fine" in reply to the customary question of "how are you?" If noticed carefully, you would see that both the question and the answer are almost 99% of the time false and meaningless or in simple word "lie". Neither is the questioner genuine in knowing about the well being nor is the answerer truthful about the reply. It's because both the question and the answer are not a conscious act. If the same is done in total awareness it will be noticed that most of the time you will not want to ask that question in replacement of a simple greeting or unless you are very genuinely wanting to know the person's well being. Same with answering someone with an "I am fine" will replace with a smile or an act to simply get straight to the point :)

Same is with the popular slang of using a bad word or a foul word with every sentence that has become the backbone of the language linguistics in the developing or developed cities. In the south there are a set of foul words used in every sentence even in the high class, another set of foul words are very common terms used in Hindi. 
These **** words have become so common and rampant even in developed societies and conversations, that it is no more a bad word for them nor even  to the people who don't use it but who listen to it and are okay with it. All in the name of being "cool". It might startle or perplex or offend or hurt or disgust many who hear it. Here also 99% of the time the sayer doesn't literally mean it but now this has become a part of the person's personality and he or she is unconsciously blurting the words out. The word which is negative enough to create it's own ill-effects, is in the air in a very harmless and popular way. Even the listeners who often are startled in the beginning, after repeatedly hearing foul words everywhere, now doesn't not mind it because the mind has now accepted it as okay. This is another lie that after repeated use has become the truth.

The effect of this lie business is everywhere around and it begins with ourselves. On the television too, everything opens up with a lie and even the last scene while putting the TV off ends in lie. But how alarming that we can still graze through it all and call it entertainment or even relaxation. Every movie, every serial, every news, every fun, every advertisement, if noticed carefully is not the truth. There is some amount of lie coated everything that goes on there. But yet it seems good just because all this is also watched unconsciously and the lies are hardly noticed. Here also things are repeated so often that they convert into truth for us and this attempt is a deliberte one on viewers.

This medium knows how to convert lie into truth for you. They know the workings of innocent minds watching it. The advertisement world very wisely use these tactics. Not a single advertisement is lie-free. Almost a decade back when I was studying into subliminal messaging and it's effects in re-programming the mind, I learnt this fact of how subliminal messaging is exploited by the advertising market. Subliminal messages are tiny images or words or symbols or audio that are flashed for such small duration that the eyes or ears will not notice it but the subconscious mind will. After this malpractice and it's effects of wooing the customers became evident, subliminal messaging was banned in many countries and there are even certain bodies set up to censor these. It is not just used in advertisements but even movies and videos and audios and campaign posters. Repetition is a powerful tool. Watch the pattern of advertisements. How some are repeated one after the other continuously. They all influence the subconscious of unaware viewers. Don't be surprised if you are prompted to buy something that you never wanted to buy but ended up buying... 
You have not bought it but your subconscious has. Now there is not need to wonder why FREE FREE FREE has to be repeated thrice or more... Lol.. Same way, if after repeatedly sitting to watch a saas bahu serial in the name of giving company to someone, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if I fall in love with the ways of the saasu or ways or the bahu or even probably the ways of a naughty flirty husband or ways of a depressed lover. Though we may call it entertainment, we are subconsciously absorbing every act deep into our psyche and making it a part of ourselves. Whenever, similar situations that you watched and enjoyed from these dramas, will surface itself as an idea or action or word or thought when something similar comes up in real life. Then, your action is not out of your own intelligence or discrimination, but it is an unconscious act and you will have to face the consequences of that.  Thus, every moment we are dumping in lies coated in truth until they become an unfortunate truth itself.

So, watching and being aware of everything itself is the first step in refining out intentions. It is much wiser and better than only assuming to have a pure intention, and doing everything in the name of good intention. Watching that intention itself is better than watching the lie.  To clear one's life of clutter, it is first important to clean out the lies from our minds and life and the lies that we have unknowingly accepted as good or harmless.  If one notices how the mind produces and reproduces, it would be alarming to notice how we fall into our own trappings.  As a matter of fact, anything can become a truth. Of course, not the real truth but the false appearance of truth.


Friday, July 05, 2013

Significance of 40 days

Depiction of Jesus and Buddha
From the previous post of Jesus Christ spending 40 days in desert as intense tapas, here are few more interesting things about "40". i realized that the '40' goes beyond barriers of fanatism, religion and faith... Got an amazing resemblance between Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha. Remarkably, Buddha started his preachings at the age of 30 just like Jesus. Jesus fasted in the desert for exactly 40 days and nights, while in the dessert he was tempted by the devil (temptations). Buddha also started his ministry in the same way. He fasted for exactly 40 days and nights in the wilderness and is tempted by evil spirits (temptations). Once the ordeal of fasting was over both Jesus and Buddha gathered 12 apostles (disciples) and made them change their names. Buddha and Christ both performed miracles and cured diseases. They both offered their followers eternal salvation. Both spoke mostly in parables (short stories with morals).

Prophet Muhammed
Even Prophet Muhammed had fasted for 40 days in a cave and so have many Saints and Yogis in history. 
Muslims even today fast and pray for 40 days during the Ramzan period.

So do Christians fast and pray during the 40-day Lent season, before Good Friday and Easter.

Lord Ayappa Devotees
Even the devotees of Swami Ayyappa visit Sabarimala in Kerala after observing strictly 40 days fasting.

In Hindu system some of the popular fasting period consist 40 days and is called the period One 'Mandal kal'.... Kal means a period and Mandal kal means a period of 40 days.

Chaliha Sahib
The Sindhi Hindu community commemorate a festival of thanks to God called Chaliha Sahib. It lasts for 40 days during which time devotees avoid: cutting their hair, wearing clothes washed by soap, drinking milk, eating fried food and wearing shoes. 

Zoroastrians also have a 40 day formula for having prayers answered. It is known as the “Chalisa” or The 40 Day Ritual. The procedure includes the following elements: to devote one’s mind completely to one divine being and pray a specified prayer at exactly the same time at exactly the same place everyday for the full 40 days, whilst maintaining strict levels of spiritual and physical purity. In addition to this, the devotee constantly repeats a phrase of the Avesta throughout their daily life for the 40 days in order to “keep the connection”. If the devotee completes this task for 40 days the Yazata to whom the person sought help from will appear in some form to them with the answer to their prayer.
Even women across many religions in Hinduism, Islam, Zoroastrian woman is required to remain secluded with her baby for forty days in order that she may be purified from the impurities of childbirth.

Guru Namak ji
Guru Nanak is also said to have spent 40 days with a Sufi saint in Nahoria Bazar, Sirsa, India where a beautiful Sikh Shrine called the Gurdwara Chilla Sahib is now located. He himself undertook a Chilla / Chalisa (40 days spent worshipping God) at Tilla Jogian, near Bhera Pakistan.

Lord Hanuman
In Hanuman Chalisa, the word chalisa is 'chalis' meaning 40. It contains 40 stanzas and devotees of Hanumanji recites these 40 stanzas for 40 days.In the Hanuman Chalisa are the eight murtis, twelve jyotirlingas, five mukhs and fifteen eyes. (8 + 12 + 5 + 15 = 40). And these forty are sthapit (placed) in the Hanuman Chalisa. If one recites the Hanuman Chalisa wholeheartedly, one actually is having darshan of the eight murtis, twelve jyotirlingas, five mukhs and fifteen eyes. Thus, there is a special reason of reciting the Hanuman Chalisa for 40 days.

Mulla Husayn
Mulla Husayn (of Bahai Faith) spent 40 days fasting and praying before leaving Karbala.

40 days can be seen in various examples of Yogis' and Saints' intense tapas period. 

Finally, could be 'something' with the 40 caves that Bade Baba built in Kanhangad for spiritual seekers to meditate in :)

40 days is also a perfect time according to science for the body to throw out toxins and detoxify if the body is put to fasting or following a strict diet schedule.

Another explanation that a person wrote about the 40-day sadhana: We practice to train the subconscious to release thoughts or habits that do not serve us any longer. It takes 40 days to change a habit, 90 days to confirm the habit once all the blood cells have been renewed and 120 makes the new habit who you are when the subconcious mind has adapted to the new pattern. In 1000 days you have totally mastered the new habit.

So hope that was helpful.......... the 40 days... your time stars now..... lol..


Friday, June 21, 2013

Kids of Integrity - our teachers

During one of my recent trips to SriKalahasti near Tirupati, we came out of the Temple that protects the Vayu Linga. The temple had small narrow streets through which we were passing when my eyes fell upon a small girl, perhaps 8 years old, holding a few books in her tiny hands and waving it to passersby.  She obviously looked very poor in her old dress.

She showed it from person to person who came her way and waved it to them incessantly following the walking person and once she was confirmed the person would not be interested in it, she would move to the next person and woo them for them to buy one or more of those books.

As i came closer to her, my eyes was trying to find out what books they were. Suddenly, she spotted me looking at her books and she ran to me and pleaded in Tamil, "Anna (brother), buy this book, it is a nice book...." She put a set of the thin-paged books into my hands while i looked at them and found they were all Children's books, some coloring books, some books of rhyme that were meant for children of her age.

Not really happy that i couldn't buy them since they were for little children, i smiled and gave it back to her. "Rs.20/- only Anna. Please buy one. Just one..." She pleaded. I told her, "Little one, i can't use these books nor know anyone i can gift it to..." But she was determined and pleaded, "Please Anna, buy just one.."

As my mind was busy thinking what to do, she would use that time to look around to see if she could catch hold of anyone who looked interested in her books. By this time, i decided what to do and took out a twenty rupees note and offered it to her smilingly.

She looked so happy and showed her books, for me to select which i wanted. I told her, "It's really of no use to me, Ma." (Ma is the short form in Tamil for Amma, a word used for Mother and as well as for little girls with respect). Her happy face suddenly turned sour. She said, "I don't want alms. I am not begging." i was taken aback and immediately told her that i did not give it as alms. As i kept walking, she refused to let me go and walked in front of me insisting that i take a book.

i stopped and looked deep in her eyes and explained to her that i am not able to take the book because i cannot carry it to where i am going and that she can gift one book to someone she feels right. She didn't look convinced but in deep thoughts stepped aside so that i could go ahead and i began walking.

As i kept walking i turned around and saw that she stood still for a few seconds, as though trying to ponder over the whole thing and then again was back in her full enthusiasm as she continued approaching other people with the same ethical confidence in her voice and movement. In all my travels, i see how people try to hog more money in some or the other way and here was this little girl literally in rags who had such high integrity that she echoed in my mind for a long time until i decided to release her here!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The little servants of a big society

A walk down to my room after work, i often stop at a mall in front of a hotel, for tea. A glittering hotel inside a posh mall in Delhi NCR. Unfortunately, it's not the real tea but the vending machine owned by this hotel installed outside, always hovered by customers.

Behind the tea machine is a boy who offers his smile to me every time he readies to make tea. His smile comes from my regularity in visiting his machine. He works here with many other little boys, around 10 of them, who run around and are busy feeding customers. He may be around 15 years old and his friends are all hardly between 11 and 18 years old.

I always felt compassionate about these little workers who hailed from Orissa and UP, for they were always smiling and had fun with each other whenever they got few minutes off their work, continuously handing out gol gappas and chaats and tea and cool drinks in the outside stall while inside the hotel they ran around serving the rich guests with delicacies and sweets.

I always observed their lives because sometimes when I passed this glistening place late, when the rush of modern crowd of skimpy clad girls and fast-food lovers settled back into their nests, this whole mall corridors turned as the concrete beds for these workers' night shelter.

The boy who supplied me tea didn't forget to offer his smile while I waited for him to brew the drink for me. I noticed he was very apt with his job doing his duty perfectly, that included ensuring if sugar and tea quantity was right. I would offer these kids chocolates whenever opportunity struck to which they always refused the first few times like a perfectly trained middle-class family child before finally sheepishly accepting the sweet token.

I believed they were kids who did not know life fully yet and so they enjoyed with whatever they had, until one day, that is, on a Tuesday, I casually asked him when was his holiday, because almost all business was closed on this day except this hotel. To my dismay he said he had no holiday. He smiled as he poured tea into the cup stating he had not had a single holiday for the past 2.5 years. He very innocently and non-sarcastically told me his day begins at 5 am and only after his day ends at 10 pm after the hotel closes is what is his holiday time.

As my smile dropped and eyebrow raised, he reciprocated with a drop of his smile too and turned serious. With a helpless look he asked me if i could get him a job somewhere. I was taken aback because I thought he was really happy there running around doing his job taking time to have fun with his friends with a joke or a prank while wearing that red uniform shirt, the pocket of which proudly displayed the royal hotel's name in embroidery.

He  continued, "I have not seen home for close to 3 years now. Sometimes I get a call on the hotel land-line from home but that's it. I am not allowed to go home." I comforted him saying that it may not be difficult for him to a get a job somewhere as there were lot of hotels around and asked him his salary. He smiled and said, "Rs.2000." I was aghast. He didn't stop.. "But I don't receive the full amount at all times because my salary is deducted for some or the other reason, sometimes Rs.100, sometimes Rs.500." I helplessly comforted him while sipping the tea he had lovingly made without any compromised attention on his job.

I asked how does he sleep in that walking space to which he said all of them sleep there but the most horrible thing for him was to be awakened forcefully at 5 early morning with a splash of water. I tried to comfort telling him "So you have your food here and no rent to pay, so you may be saving your money." He looked a bit relaxed stating "Yes, but I manage to save around Rs.1500 as some amount goes for monthly toiletries also." I nodded. Here is someone who squeezes his needs of the whole month in a 500-rupee note and I wondered how much time it takes for us to blow a 500-rupee note or for that matter a two 1000-rupee note!

I noticed he was neither complaining nor self-pitying but just expressing his heart out. He continued, "In the last two years I have managed to send home Rs.10000 only. For some months out of my salary about Rs.1500 was deducted for medicines because I had fallen ill."

I hid my pitiful look trying to fake up a smile ignoring his last sentence. Then, he said something that revealed it all on my face. "You know, my mother was recently hurt.. She had a huge cut on her hand (he demonstrated) but I was not allowed to go home..."

Unable to hide my inner feelings I just looked at him deep and i could no longer fake my emotions as he continued, "My dad died a year ago and I haven't gone home till now." I exclaimed "What??!" He smiled again. The more genuine his smile the more I was pained.

The tea was empty in my cup and so were my words. As I kept the empty cup down he said with a smile, "Please see if you can find me a job."

I nodded and bid him good night to which he shared his smile of consistent quality and continued to joke with his friend as they continued to wind up for the day.

I walked away to my room leaving behind the false glitters of a so-called highly respectable, modern, decent, pompous, advanced, civilized, metropolitan society, the glitter of which not only hides the city's darkness but also the dark stories of these little weary souls.

The tender hands of child labour


Thursday, April 18, 2013

One World One Religion

Suddenly some thoughts flew rapidly in my mind.. thoughts on ADVAIT... this time caught it right away by starting to type it out right away..... :)
Suddenly some thoughts flew rapidly in my mind.. this time caught it right away by starting to type it out right away..... and found it to be the right article for one of my old blog which didn't receive attention for close to a year now :) Thoughts on ADVAIT .. the one magnet that brought me to Babaji :)

The very basics of life is love, joy, peace, completeness
The emotions one strives to make life feel worth living
Because this feeling itself is the very source of life
This feeling can be felt in any religion,
in any human body, in any color, in any creed.

Because this essence of life throbs though every soul,
Because the source of this glimpse comes from one source,
The source we call God, Divine, Supreme, Creator... anything.

The sense of pain is the same in any living creature
The emotion of love is the same in any living creature
The feeling of happiness is the same in any living creature
Why then does the definition of that Supreme have to be different?

Chant OM, call out ALLAH, sing HALLELUIAH, whisper WAHE GURU
The experiences may differ, but the source will not change

Why then call "it" with different names?
Why chain "it" with boundaries?
Why bond "it" with rules and implications?
Why express "it" under thousand books?
Why search "it" in so many forms?

When all receive grace with any name,
When all experience miracles with any faith,
When all "Gods" answer prayers of "Their" believers,
How can one religion be greater than the other?

How can one practice be better than the other?
There can only be versions of truth
But the truth will always be only one
There can be thousands of paths
But the destination will always be only one. Period.

The life that throbs in every living creature
is the same God that lives through your body
Arising from the same source and settling into the same source
Which humans call as the soul's destination,
So if the destination is one why should the journey be stuck in diversification?

If an apple can become a human in hours,
If a human can become dust in days,
And dust can become a mountain in years,
Isn't everything merely a change of form?

That changing quality is God, labelled as God..
That quality is the source of everything, that takes forms with our own projections

When you look at a stone, you are staring at God
When you smell a rose, you are sniffing God
You you eat something, you are relishing God
When you drink something, you are quenching God
When you touch something, you are feeling God

When you experience love, you ARE God.
.... that is Advait or nonduality ....

~ jacob

another name label to the source that just flowed out as an expression.... lol


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