Friday, September 02, 2011

Lonely, sad and depressed? The end of the olds.....

These are state of minds of many undergoing transformation..  There are many aspects of you that are shed as the new YOU is emerging. Subconsciously, the mind reacts to those "losses" and then there is a kind of gloom and loneliness. Suddenly things look uninteresting and life doesn't look meaningful. Know that these phases are natural and it gives an opportunity for the soul to think about the real purpose of life.  

Identify what you have come to do in this life, find your soul agenda and then tear off your past and write or rewrite and create a new future for yourself. 

This gloom may persist for a while but know that this shall also pass for there is nothing permanent and thus this state also is not permanent. Try to pin out at this time all the things you always wanted to do in life and give a direction to your life. Forget if what you always wanted to do is possible or not possible. What is not possible is only for your logic mind. Dig out what you always wanted to do and list them out. Then create a dream with all that you wanted to do and write it down, visualizing and feeling it all the time.

This is that phase  where you need to decide things and direction and move towards that. Smile, for there is a lot awaiting souls like you who are seeking from within to grow and evolve. Leave the old you. Depression happens with conflict of mind and conflict of mind happens when you are not true to yourself and when you are not willing to let go of the old self.  To climb a ladder until you pull off theleg of the lower rung, you cannot take the next step :)

See the new you that the Universe is trying to show you with all these so-called 'negative' episode and sufferings. Suffering is not comes from outside but what is created from within because one does not want to change. If you do not change, the Universe will continue to send you incidents and people into your life to learn those lessons. Once you accept that lessons, take responsibility for your actions and situations, the healing begins and new things begin to manifest for you. Better things and higher things come to you because now you have learnt your lesson, which is an indication to the Universe that you are now ready to move ahead and with that the Universe sends you the resourses to make that a reality. How it comes, from where it comes, when it comes is not our lookout. Those are matters again with the logic and cunning mind. For where there is trust and surrender in the process, there are no such questions; one just knows what is right will happen. So, deprsesion is a fight between your old self and inner self, each one wanting to justify itself. Just knowing that anything old will never work is enough to let the old self lose it's importance and dominance.

Ultimately, no one can make this decision other than the individual themselves for nature does not intervene. It does not judge anyone, but at the same time, it does not wait for anyone. It is ascending at its own consistent pace and is doing so very naturally. So, the suffering we come across is our own creation as we are not in pace with the ascension process. We do not wish to leave behind the old things and those things we wish to carry around within us forever would not match with the ascension process for they are of lower frequency. If you are growing, anything that is not for your highest good will automatically leave you. Unfortunately, we not seeing the higher plan, hold on to them dearly thus causing more misery. Anything of lower frequency and vibrations shall perish in the coming years because they cannot survive the increasing light. Light is truth. Light is purity. Light is divine.

What is done with in the past, shed it. Take this moment of your life to create. If one looks around, there is nothing old, everything is new. Everything is being replaced with new. Old cells are replaced with new cells and thus old organs are replaced with new organs. Old flowers are replaced with new ones. Old clothes replaced with new ones. Old food is replaced with new food. Old cars are replaced with upgraded ones. Old paint is replaced with a new paint. Old towns and cities are being replaced by newer cities. Childhood is replaced with adolescence and adolescence replaced with teenage and teenage replaced with adulthood and adulthood replaced with old age - life is replaced with death nd death is replaced with life. This is the law of nature. Change is inevitable. So when everything around changes how can it be possible that our thinking, patterns, habits, ideas, impressions, thoughts, personality, etc, can remain the same? It is foolish to even thing that these old things can be retained. Evolution works with change.

These are are the times when creation is not difficult. Anything that a human being thinks and feels with intensity is created for him. But, it is an unbiased creation. So it is prudent to think of only what you want to create and never of the things you have never wanted in your life. So worries, fears and any other negativities are actually a deadly tool for creation. Instead choose now at this moment what you wish. Seeking for things which are for your own good and for the highest good of all is delivered quickly. Selfless acts are noticed quickly by the Universe. 

So the loneliness is nothing but the old self being shed and suddenly we find something missing in our life. If we are aware then we will know what it is that we have shed, if not the subconscious will respond in the feeling of lonliness. One need not be lonely. One only needs to shed and leave behind what is gone. The moment this is done, there is a vaccum there for now things are released and the vacuum now cannot be an empty space. It has to be filled. What fills in next will be on what you focus on and what you seek with whichever level of consciousness it is seeked from. If old lessons have not been learnt the old patterns will bring in similar things again into that vaccum that will result in going through the same lessons again. But if the old lessons were learnt then now the soul seeks with a higher level of understanding and consciousness. The purer the soul gets, the purer the intentions will be and purer the seeking will be and thus purer things and nicer things will start filling up that vacuum.

 Create your new dream world and join the coming new world. 

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  1. jst done sadhana n logd in to FB jst to see any new message for me from babaji... n saw ur post...thnx a lot to babaji n to u dear soul...


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