Thursday, April 14, 2011

New changes coming..!

The earth, as known evidently now, is going a massive transformation and so is everything that is on it. Time to change. Change for good. Know yourself. Know why you are here. At least now wake up for it is going to be now or never. Human soul evolution has never been seen before ever at this rapid rate. It is not going to matter whether you are spiritual or not. The changes have started happening at quick rate even in your body, your cells and your subtler layers of mind, emotion and intellect. There has been an explosive eruption of spiritual masters on earth in the physical bodies. Christs, Buddhas, Krishnas are being born, many working out openly and many working quietly in privacy - all for you, for the world, for the benefit of all that has manifested on earth. Wake up. Wake up. You don't need practical Tsunamis, war, afflictions, disease and miseries to remind you of your mortal and temporary human life here on earth. You don't need mysteries and miracles and magical wonders to be seen for you to believe. Those wonders are already happening all around. It should not be that you hear the bell and wake up at the end moment where there is little you can do. Rather, wake up now and evolve. Remember, whatever it is.. the choice is always yours. The choice to transform and evolve into a better spiritual human being or otherwise. Either ways, the result and consequence is for you to reap. It is never too late. Wake up this year 2011. There are not going to be better opportunities than these. If you change for your own good, you are changing for the good of others around and with this, you will evolve with all the goodness that the Universe has to offer to you for this good choice.  What mean motive could be in masters doing good and encouraging all to do good and transform? It is for your own betterment. It is due to compassion. The efforts of all people of light are coming to light. With gratitude for all that they do and for all the wonderful changes they are bringing to earth, let us move towards self-transformation. Move today. Move right now.

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