Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Lightworkers

Is this word new or old to you? I thought I should mention it and most of the people in the West will be aware of this word. Since the regular readers of this blog include people from all over the world (according to the statistics I get on the hit counter meter) I always write common messages that can be understood by all walks of life. The same explanation comes very clear from Indian scriptures that my guru teaches and it is much to a greater depth but I prefer not to put it here since here the readers are most who want simple writings and understandings.

Anyways, talking about the word lightworker, this is the word that I came across about 6-7 years back when I was looking for some self-help on the net during my transformation period. I understood soon that we all are lightworkers, meaning working for the light (positive, divine). It was very simple for me to understand that the turmoil that was going through me was nothing but an adaptation to accept more light into the physical body. When "one is ready" to undertake the journey back home (back light; where we came from) then this process triggers a number of physical and emotional problems. For more details on this see my previous article on symptoms of ascension.  Slowly I learnt  that the things that were happening is a normal process and nothing to be scared of. It took me more years to learn and understand a lot of things and I am still learning but in the process a lot of things were revealed to me. Everything now made clear-cut sense. Everything from why there is a fly around my desk to why someone caused me pain. Everything is crystal clear now and I thus take on the task of assisting people craving to know about it all. This blog is an attempt for all those new to the light, all those new to spirituality, meditation, or anything that seeks an inner transformation.

There are many places I subscribed to on the net years before and I still receive their newsletters and I know there is a divine message in all of it. They come to me as a clear message from where it is intended to come from. The spiritual guides, the guru, the divine, they all use people, medium, beings, incidents, etc to communicate with you since they cannot present themselves in the form that they are. Because their form is a very high vibrational form that we are yet to embody. The light that they hold is very powerful. Powerful because of their purity levels. You look out for them and complain when they do not respond but know that it is not that they are not responding it is because your communication is at gap. How to fill the gap? Raise your level to their vibrations because they will never lower their vibrations because they cannot. They are in a different dimension altogether. They can only guide you and try to help you raise your vibrations for your own good. The only way they can do it through what you call "co-incidences" or intuition or a living guru or a material or a lightworker. These messages that you read are obviously coming through me from the divine and this is supposed to be read by you right now. So, please understand that you are loved by the divine, by your spiritual guides, by so many other beings out there in different dimensions waiting patiently and lovingly for your permission that they may help. You will "get it" from them only when you are ready for it. You are reading this because you are either ready or getting ready :) Hope that makes perfect sense to you. I hear a yes :)

Mother earth is also undergoing a lot of changes and in fact the entire Universe is. Everything is changing. Change is the law of the Universe. So with change, you cannot stand still. You have to move. Move upwards. Make that transition. You are blessed with the power to choose. With choice to transform towards positivity and goodness, you are helping yourself from distress. Distress that will come to those who refuse to change, refuse to transcend.  You might say that you are comfortable and why should you change. You have to change because that is the law of nature. If you dont, nature changes you. You have to go with the flow of nature. If you resist, things could be very unpleasant. We knowingly or unknowingly try to resist the natural phases of life, the transitions of the soul. We tend to falsely assure ourself and falsely resist ourself in our own comfortable positions but one has to leave that position. Like one tries to cover up a wrinkle, implant hair for baldness, color hair for greying, inject hormones for staying young and so many attempts to stop the body from aging. It is so foolish not to understand that aging is a normal process. One has to grow old and greying, wrinkle, baldness, etc are signs of aging, which only means that you have entered another irreversible process of human life. Even if one attempts to stop this process, it is only a false outlook and one has to catch up with the process soon. But the more one refuses to accept reality, the more one suffers. I can imagine what a daily painful process is aging for someone who is so attached to one's looks and appearance and wants to retain them by artificial methods. They are everyday suffering from this pain of sustaining themselves. I can imagine what the thought of death can do to them. Death (of the physical body) also is a reality that one has to accept. One who is on the verge of death is given shocks and CPRs and what not to keep alive. Thus one suffers more with the only intention of keeping the breath and heart beat going with the satisfaction that someone is alive, but at what expense? These are some examples of how we are still confused with what change is and how it will always be there.

On a higher level, such is also going on with your soul. Your ignorance and darkness is slowly being converted into wisdom and light. Slowly the layers of illusion and ignorance are being burnt (whether you are aware of it or not) so that you can see what the truth of life is, so that you can see why you are here on planet earth, so that you are reminded of what you came here for. You do not remember that between lives (that is time between your last life and this life) you had chosen to learn lessons as you did not learn it in the past life. You came here because you had some unfulfilled desire that you could not fulfill in the past. You came here because you had some karmic ties with other souls (positive or negative) that you promised to clear off in this life. But what truly happened is that the maya (illusion) took over you and forgot your purpose and got entangled in the world. Not only this, but created unknowingly in forgetfulness more karma that can debt you for a future life. The promises that you made remain pending ensuring that you clear them in another life.... and this cycle goes on and on viciously and you come, live, enjoy, suffer, and go. It is like a constant wander without a destination.

This is when your guides and angels intervene and try to make you remember of what you have come for though so many sources. But, at the same time they all value your choice and they will never interfere with what you choose because the power to choose is the law of nature. If you choose positivity and goodness, you will get all the assistance you need for that transformation and clearing off your debts and experiencing the desires you came to experience. After that they help you transcend further back to where you came from - the light. All you need to do is open up, ask and you shall receive. The transition may not be easy because it will all depend on how much negativity and how much of unwanted loads of anger, resentment, etc you carry, but with patience and true understanding of what is happening and why it is happening, this phase shall also pass. If everything changes then so shall the negative phase change and pass.

So, move on loved ones, you and everyone on earth will undergo this process. Make this process as easy as possible for you and the earth. Help the earth and its inhabitants and you automatically help yourself. As the year 2012 approaches, you will see more and more changes happening within and outside you. Go with the flow. Assist the happenings. Know that it is for your highest good though it may seem unpleasant. Move till you reach and become - The Light! Be a lightworker!

I read the channeling of a very powerful lightworker Steve Rother, someone whom I have been understanding and following so closely since years. He writes the same thing that I always think about and then I know how we are magically connected!  We all are connected divinely and that is why you read this with so much interest and understanding and that is why you feel so good after reading it. I request readers to please give links of this blog to as many as possible so that we may extend the candle to light up the world as much as we can. Stay blessed!

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

An aimless wander

Sometimes we remain confused as we always were. We look for answers and keep seeking answers and are happy with the replies for that moment. How far do we contemplate on things? Or are questions only a temporary escape to the temporary problems of life? Or is it just an assurance or comfort at times of distress.

I remember giving replies to the same queries of many people again and again. But then I do know that they ask because they do not remember that they had asked it the previous time. They do not remember because they did not digest it into their being. So, I write a common post here for all those in search of peace, search of enlightenment, search of a guru, search of liberation, search of a path, or whatever they be termed as.

Spirituality does begin to get someone's attention because it is time for the soul to go within. When the world and worldly things get too much to handle, spirituality also then does seem an answer to the search of that permanent peace and happiness that one failed to get from the world. Many suddenly lose interest in the things that they used to be fully involved in and now something simple and divine seems to soothe them. This is, of course, a great blessing as one has realized that there is something more to life and something beyond life and death. The quest for the meaning of life then begins and one begins getting more curious to understand life and its meaning. As one begins the search more and more things open up and reveal it's presence that were once unknown of or thought as taboo. One begins being more aware of one's own self and starts exploring the subtler and abstract aspects of one's self. Here the confusion for many begins!

With the high use of internet, there is plenty of information out there in all forms. Information that ages before took a lifetime to learn can now be accessed at fingertips withing minutes. People and networking helps one get quick answers to one's question. Though this is all a boon, it can tend to be confusing, misleading and rather time consuming. Curiosity makes one jump into anything and everything one sees around. Impatience makes one leave things incomplete and restless and thus frustrated. Here are few things I would like to not advice but suggest to all new seekers, especially the younger generation.
  1. Ask yourself what do you want? What is it that you are searching for? What is it that can give you peace and happiness? If you say you don't know, then find out. Dig. Contemplate. Spend time with yourself. Explore yourself. Until this is done, one's any spiritual quest is going to be a wander.
  2. Don't  simply wander into each and every methods. Find out if it is what can give you want you want (as in point 1)
  3. Don't  simply read too much of everything. Reading too much means many things are unread also as there is a hurry to dig out more and more from all resources. Thus, too much and half knowledge both are dangerous.
  4. After you do all the explorations and know what is it that you want, seek a path, seek a guru. Paths are many but all lead to the same destination. To seek a path you wont have to struggle much if all the above points are covered. If not, there will be more confusion because you until you don't  know what you want and don't  know your inner self's need, how can you find your path?
  5. Once you are ready with the path or ready with what you want in life, desire for it earnestly and live towards it. Know that spirituality is not easy as it looks and there will be lot of obstacles that you will need to overcome. By now you are mentally prepared, you know what you want and you know where you want to head.
  6. Now, surrender to the divine and trust the process that is happening with you. Know that everything that is happening is happening with a reason and is happening for your highest good, though it may seem as a turmoil or unfavorable incident.
  7. By now you are ready to walk the path. And when you are ready as a seeker, the guru appears. Remember, it is not the seeker who choses a guru, but it is the guru who chooses a seeker. Guru may not necessarily be a person who can sit besides you and train you. Guru may not be a person whom you can see physically and hear with your ears. It can be a nonliving guru also. How, when, where, who is this person should not be worried about. Just trust your instincts and move ahead with surrender and you shall encounter the guru. By all means test your guru internally but once you have "known" that this is your guru follow the guru with all your heart.
  8. Once you have decided your path/guru leave no stone unturned to follow the guru/path. There will be advises, suggestions, recommendations, etc, etc, by other spiritual aspirants but it is up to you whether to keep listening to everything and get confused or just follow the path you have chosen.
  9. Keep your sight turned within always.  If your vision is always outwards (into the world, friends, enemies, correcting, people, blames, relationships, etc, etc) then what else apart from chaos can you be in. Let things go naturally in everything. Listen to your heart always not people!
  10. Focus on things you want not on the things you don't want because you end up manifesting. You create your own reality. If you want something in life learn to be positive on that and stay focused on it all the time, not slip down with the slightest remark or circumstance.
  11. Stop blaming, criticizing and targeting everyone and everything around you for your disharmony. It is only you to blame for the condition you are in. It is your reaction to external circumstances that decides in what condition you will be in. Choose to ignore which you don't want and take in only what is good for you. Forget what the world is up to. Stop trying to change others. They have their own soul agenda and they will go through all that they are supposed to go through. You do not have the right to interfere? If you can interfere it is only your own life and aspects. Change that.
  12. Leave the "I am the doer" doing. The "I" always comes out of the ego and keeps saying I did this, I did that, I am to do this, I am going to do that, I should find this, etc etc. Leave the navigation to the divine. Trust in it more than yourself.
  13. Have patience. You have build up lot of stuff during your lifetimes which you cannot undo in one sitting or few months. It takes a lot of practice and efforts to clean the mess. So, while things are messy and the cleaning is going on, have patience. Don't fret and fume and give up because the results are not quick. Remember, the more negative you get, the more trouble getting back on the path and the more karmas you add on. Read my other posts on what to do in such circumstances.
  14. Finally remember one thing. Everything you are undergoing is due to your karma. There are good things happening to you due to your good karmas and bad things happening due to your bad karmas. Your existence in this world itself is due to karma. Spirituality (your path) is the practice by which you slowly dissolve your karmas so that one fine day with regular sadhana and practices you are left with no negative karma and that is the day you will have no obstacles or sufferings in life. It is NOT any tom and dick and harry that is giving you confusion or trouble. One should accept 100% responsibility for one's situation and only after that one can even take responsibility in clearing one's own karma. Till then you have to stay focused and keep moving, come what may.
  15. Last but not the least. Digest well what is written here and next time you are stuck somewhere, the answers will pop to you. These directions and instructions and guidelines will pop up to you. But for it to pop up, you got to pop in all these things. Hope it is done well  :)
Stay blessed!

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