Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X'Mas & Happy New Year 2011

"What is the significance of celebrating the sacred birth of Christ on a certain day? It is not just to provide an opportu­nity for festivity and gift-giving. It is especially and distinctly to revive in our thoughts the inspiration of his perfect quali­ties. 

It is sad when people forget the purpose of Christmas. Mil­lions are thinking only of the material side of this holy season. We shall not be among them. Tomorrow, we are going to have our meditation day. To feel his presence and his consciousness is our purpose. Christ has remained unknown to men. They have kept the gates of their devotion closed, locked with material desires, so that Christ cannot enter. When those portals are opened with love for Christ, he will come. I want everyone to take the spiritual celebration of Christmas seriously. Our aim is nothing less than to bring Christ into our consciousness.

Christ must be invited through devotional meditation into cathedral of inner silence. The newborn Christ Consciousness must be awakened in the cradle of each heart. So instead of taking this coming Christmas as just an occasion for material happiness, make your own heart a cradle wherein Christ can be born.
If you want really to feel Christ and know him, meditate. Christ is within you, and you can realize this truth by using the ancient yoga techniques of meditation. There is no instrument other than deep meditation that can detect the presence of that almighty Grace within.

At this time, the angels in the ether celebrate Christmas. An Infinite Light shone on the earth on that first Christmas day, and each year at this holy time the ether is filled with that Light. To honor Christ in meditation is the real celebration. May we start a new era on earth by celebrating spiritual Christmas everywhere! Tell your friends wherever you go, as long as you live, to pass a day in meditation during the Christmas season. Then within their hearts December 25 will be real birth of Christ."

From Journey to Self-Realization by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda (Speech given on 23/12/1934)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The company of Animals

Today, I received a newletter from a website that i have been following for quite sometime that channels the teachings and communications of the Ascended Master Kuthumi. The article is provided at the end of this article.

As i read it, i immediately recalled my days with my cats and dogs about 10 years ago. We had lot of cats and dogs at home. There were sometimes 4-5 cats at times but dogs replaced only after one vanished or died. Cats and kitten crawled and jumped all over the home. The best one was a cat that had learnt a trick. Whenever someone came from out, it jumped over straight on the shoulders and refused to come down until it was given milk. Everyone just pampered it's ways. The pic on the right shows it on the shoulder and me taking milk for it :) Mornings were wonderful as i woke up, one slept on my chest, one besides me and one at the feet, wherever they could cuddle up and get warmth. 

All those days seems wonderful but now i have not had a pet for about 10 years now. i miss the unconditional love that you get from them but somehow a strong trauma of pain still hides in my consciousness after my dear dog Jackie died.  I had not known the pain of separation till then until one fine day my dearest dog Jackie died. He was a domestic local breed whom we had brought up since his childhood. It was only after he died that i realized his importance. i could not get over it and still have not for whenever i remember him i still get tearful.

We used to live in military quarters then since dad worked for them in civil department. My struggles with life and it's meaning had just begun then and the only company i found during those days were of Jackie. There were times when i was sad and sat alone outside home, often at night. And then something strange would happen. Whenever i was low, i noticed Jackie coming running out of nowhere and doing nothing much but nudging me a little here and there as though assuring me of his presence. Sometimes he did nothing during such moments but he came and simply curled up next to me. My attention would immediately shift towards from the ways of the world thati have never understood till now, and focus towards his presence. Those nudges and touches from him were enough to feel good. i didn't understand it immediately but it took me a while to understand that he would come out of nowhere when i felt low. i wondered how does he do that? i realized only later that he somehow understood it and would surely trace me out and come running to the location i sat anywhere outside home. 

Now Jackie was not a very well treated one. Though most us loved him, he was often beaten, especially by dad, sometimes i watched it beaten helplessly shedding a tear. But i realized something very precious about him, probably the greatest quality of a dog. You may hit it or hurt it, but the very next minute or opportunity it can wag its tail and love you like hell. The perfect example of unconditional love.

Jackie loved giving us company in everything we did including sipping tea. i realized that animals are very sensitive to our thoughts and emotions. They understand every bit of what you are going through but their ways of communication are so peculiar and different that they are either misunderstood or ignored. Dogs can sense you even if you away from their physical presence. My cats were also very good company and fun but they were more selfishly into their own world and we literally had to force their company but never with Jackie. 

He understood Malayalam (my mother tongue) very well and sometimes obeyed before i could speak. He was healthy and sound. He did wonderful things that even today me and my sisters talk about and remember. One Christmas night, as every year, we used to make the crib, and me and my sisters made a good platform in which we placed the statues of St. Joseph and Mother Mary with shepherds around the horse shed, but the manger which was to contain the little statue of baby Jesus, we left empty so that we could place him there after we returned from the midnight mass, because he was born at that hour. My dad was kind enough to place a bulb inside the small crib to illuminate our little decorations. So one night we enthusiastically returned after the midnight mass, dying to place baby Jesus into the Manger and complete the whole week's effort of making the crib and then cut the Christmas cake and celebrate Christmas. This time, we were in for a different surprise. When we returned we found few statues of shepherds and grass fallen here and there. When i approached near, we found that the inside of the crib was such a warm place because of the burning bulb, that Jackie had nicely curled himself inside the crib crushing all the statue underneath him. And he was fast asleep, probably having the best Christmas that cold night. My parents yelled and he woke up startled and just ran for his life for though he did not know what wrong he had done, he understood he was going to get something nice. He disappeared. Me and my sisters looked at each other in utter disappointment for a while and then burst laughing. We laughed and laughed at Jackie's mischief. That was the best Christmas we had and that laughter and mom and dad joined us in the laughter and that spared Jackie from dad. We were happy.

Jackie had a very precise understanding of our moods and i found him most of the time anticipating things well ahead of time. He would recognize my bike's sound from even a kilometer far and would come and wait at the door for me. He was my best friend - my brother. I shared everything with him, not in speech but i just looked at him or touched him and felt what i had to feel and i knew he understood by the ways he responded.

Then came a day when my dad's services in the Military were over and we had to move out of the quarters. My biggest worry was about Jackie because the place we were to move to was an apartment where animals were not allowed. We began packing things and everyday our topic was about Jackie. We would have to leave him back. But then who would take care of him? While we discussed worriedly Jackie used to be sitting in our presence. Soon there was only a week left and i would tearfully look at Jackie thinking deeply what would it be without him and how would he live without us. And damn it, it never at that time struck to me then that, as always, he was reading out thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes i hugged him and spoke to him how much i love him and how much i will be missing him. Sometimes when i would look at him being so happy with us, suddenly the though of separation would make me sad, while he would be playing around and i would think "he is so happy and what will he be like after we leave?"

But then something strange happened. We noticed that Jackie was having difficulty in eating food and in the next two days he had a swollen neck. We thought that it would be alright because previously also he had a swollen neck due to some infection. But this time it just increased and he could not take any food and just in 2-3 days he had taken a very bad shape. We all got very busy through the packing as next day we were leaving. The night i heard him cry outside and i couldn't sleep for the next morning was our last day in that house. The morning, when i opened the door, Jackie was lying dead.

i did not know what i was doing but i got a big plastic sheet. All were inside and my mom was looking at what i was doing. i did not show any sign of pain because i did not want her or anyone in the house to break down. i bravely pulled Jackie into the huge plastic sheet and wrapped him in it and carried him out of the house. i then dug a hole in the ground with a pick-axe but as i lowered him into the earth i just could not hold it any more. i wept out loudly and wailed as my mother watched me. She also cried. i had lost my friend forever, the only one who understood me and was with me. We had forgotten that he understood our pains and he read through our thoughts, for he died exactly a day before we had to leave. Everything happened within a week or so and was over.

Till now, he was taken for granted but now i realized what he was to me. Soon i started recollecting all the days with him and understood how much we had taken him for granted and how much he understood and took care of all of us with gave his unconditional love at all times day and night, anytime we needed him.

After that i understood his value and shed tears for years. Later i learnt that animal souls are great guides and friends even in the spirit world. If you read more about shamans (which Babaji mentions at times) you will know how they commune with the animal world.  A few years later i cherished watching the Disney movie "Brother Bear" for it brought back so many memories of Jackie. Here is a a clip of the same movie; watch it if you can, i'm sure you will enjoy. For a while i thought am i silly to put down articles like this, but then was assured that only people interested in the animal kingdom and who loves animals would be reading till here :) others would have already left :D. So, if you like being kiddish and enjoying being one with all kingdoms, you'd love this video too.. watch the movie if you get an opportunity.. :)

So, as i began, all that prompted me to write this article was the newsletter from a website of an ascended Master, the article which is pasted below. The article today gave me a clear idea of how Jackie could have been instrumental in taking some of our negative karma!

Here is the article:

Do Animals Reincarnate?

I Kuthumi greet you once more. I come in request to answer the question "Do animals have multiple lives as humans do?" This is an interesting question and will be of interest to many. First I must tell you that all animals contain a consciousness.Some species contain a more developed consciousness than others. Yet all behavior patterns stem from DNA and consciousness. Man has often thought of the elemental, plant, mineral and animal kingdoms as lower than himself. Yet all are part of creation and all contain consciousness.
All forms of life in God's eyes are precious.
The answer to the question asked is yes, they do. The most familiar example I can give you is the dog, often known as your faithful companion. The soul of a dog evolves with each life time of experience. As the dog evolves in each lifetime, it usually forms a close bond with a human being, often more than one. As the dog cannot speak your language, it will communicate through energy and facial expressions.

Please remember I use the dog as a example. You often feel a dogs energy. One who is evolved will provide a peaceful energy as you rub your hand through it's fur. Older people often receive great healing on an energetic level from an animal, they feel calm, peaceful in an evolved animal's presence. Those who are unwell will often heal more quickly with the intermittent presence of a dog.

The dog has a very faithful nature to those whom it considers it's family. Many times the dog will energetically take negative energy from your energy field. Of course if there is a lot of negative energy the dog can and will become ill, and sometimes even cross due to the great amount of negative energy it has "taken" from you. Many animals work on an energetic level, particularly the domestic dog and cat.

Those animals who remain in their native state, what you would term wild animals, do evolve, yet at a slower rate. Their consciousness is not as developed, so their focus is on survival and caring for their young. Now the subject of incarnation. Let me continue with the example of the dog.

The more evolved the consciousness of the animal, the more they are able to communicate their feelings.

By this I mean of course the feelings of the emotional body. Feelings of love, grief, happiness, questioning - "why, why are you going away," for example. Also feelings of great sadness. All of this the dog is able to communicate to you through your physical eyes and your own intuitive field of energy. So when a close relationship between a dog and a human is close, a bond is formed. This is similar to what you would experience with another human. You refer to these as "soul mates." So you can have a dog, cat or horse as a soul mate also. Remember please that this occurs only in a close relationship with an animal of evolved consciousness.

Further, just as humans decide prior to incarnation to play a part in each others lives in the coming incarnation, so can animals with a human. The animal may not look the same as in it's previous life. The fur may be a different color for example. It may be a different breed of dog. Yet they meet and the bond between dog and human is strengthened. Both are aware of a strong feeling of "knowing" the other. This is on the soul level, which is consciously felt as a "knowing." Both have chosen this.

This is a higher level of consciousness for the dog. The dog incarnates through choice. At this level the life path is also known before incarnating. Life situations and circumstances will place the dog and human together at the correct time in both lives. The soul growth and purpose will flow as it is meant to.

Any karma owed is also experienced and we would hope, healed. So you see there are similar soul growth experiences for both human and dog.

Often an animal will reincarnate in one humans lifetime. You may recognize previous behavior patterns of a dog you thought had left you (died).

Yet the dog remembers on all planes, just as humans remember when they cross over. Just as you carry a soul imprint, including certain character traits, so does a dog. A cat is also capable of this. I tell you as I watch this one, Lynette, conducting a reading, I see pet animals coming forward to acknowledge the person along with loved ones crossed over. When they cross they all reside on the same plane you see.

Perhaps this is a timely reminder for mankind to respect all life forms. All play a part in the consciousness evolution of man and the planet. As you prepare to enter a year of Unity, of stepping forward in respect of one another, I ask you remember the many kingdoms who also share the planet- the elemental, plant, mineral and animal. I ask you develop a new awareness for these. It is not all about you - the human. No it is not. You must now begin to awaken your consciousness to sharing - with all. For all is part of God's great creation.


Since this article was for animal lovers, i thought i'd share some more funny pics that i found while searching for Jackie's pic.

This is the pic of a cat that one day just walked into our house and did whatever she liked very royally as though she knew us very well. She never caused any trouble or did any mischief but was very comfortable with all of us. She had one blue eye. Of all the days were had stayed in that house, she only visited twice but enjoyed herself. She priviledged herself in doing WHATEVER she wanted in our home, including nibbling my hand :) My expressions would tell you how much i am enjoying it.. lol

very very naughty yet very adorable..

She loved being pampered.

 She slept for hours in the bedroom royally enjoying every bit of that sleep.Usually cats wake up when disturbed, but this one was more like a lazy human :D

An old pic of our neighbor's dog "Caspy" who lived on the second floor but would come to her front locked door and scratch as i walked upstairs and her owners would open the door to see me passing by. I would then acknowledge her love and brushing through her fur. She would know i have come even when i was yet on the ground floor.

 another friendly cat at a friend's place

This dog ran to hide behind the Tulsi plant when she saw us approaching and he thought noone could see him  just because he he thought he couldn't see us.....lolll

This one played hide and seek and thought she had disappeared as i was taking my bike out, but then saw her peeking on and often to check on me :)

Looks ferocious but actually thats the way cats cry out when they suddenly see you and they flick their tails high up like a flag post when they express love.. This one was just in the process of doing the same :D

oh man.. look at the royal treatment he gets... our old neighbor's dog Jackie who was named after my dog after he died and this one was just a pup then. The neighbors say he is Jackie himself because he demonstrates every quality of dear Jackie.

Jerry.. the one at my uncle's place in Kerala. It had a unique way of sitting :D

nothing great about this one.. it's a dog i dont know that i spotted in Kerala, but it somehow seemed to be very sad.. now dont laugh, i really mean it :)

this one was trying to communicate a lot whom i had met during a marriage of a friend in Goa.. i still remember it's mouth and mustache were fluterring as though trying to express a mixture of love, fear and helplessness..

Friday, November 05, 2010

New Energies

As we move ahead, things are getting more and more clarified. Those who are open and receptive to the new energies that are now showing up on planet earth, receive it the most. These energies always existed by now since the opening of many souls or the unwinding of the life purpose of many souls, these energies are now becoming more evident to the physical senses also.

These divine energies are loving and bright energies that may be termed as angels, guides, ascended masters, beings of light, divine souls, etc. Though they are having their own purposes and network and systems of their own, they are less willing for any publicity because of the complete absence of negativity that humans carry like ego, pride, etc. They are here to assist mankind move to the next level of evolution and thy are very selfless in what they do. Many energies are in direct contact with humans too, who they chose to be channels. Through these chosen human beings, they convey messages to the earthlings as they do need mediums who can speak the human language that still appears to be the only understood language.
A few years back these energies were mostly marked as mystical or sometimes every spooky or sometimes superstition and lot other words invented by man. However, with the passage of time, things are becoming more clear. More and more people are getting tuned to these energies and understanding why there are connecting. It usually begins with a need to disconnect with the world and connect with the self. It usually becomes nice when the world and it's glory seem to fade for some individuals. It usually becomes evident when life doesn't seem to go the way it used to. All of a sudden there are questions springing up in the mind about where one is heading and what is the purpose of life. As one tries to ponder over this, it could be in extreme conditions, it could be with a life-challenging situation, or it could just have something to do with low moods, things start happening then. This is because when one faces such situations the external glitter suddenly loses hold and the moment this happens the connection external gets dimmer and thus the inner connection starts brightening. Thus experiences begin. All of a sudden many have noticed sudden changes in their livestyle and some even have taken a complete U turn. It's like they discovered suddenly mass of wealth hidden within their innerself. Wealth of utmost peace and meaning.

The moment this shift happens, the loving energies who have been waiting for lifetimes activate and are glad to come in contact with only one selfless purpose - assistance. Then the journey entirely begins and continues according to how one is able to tune with them, obviously beginning with a lot of doubts and experimentation. Whatever the situation these divine beings never interfere with the freewill and the humans still hold this precious right for themselves. It is only if one CHOOSES that they assist.

So what is it that you choose? For whatever you choose you shall have it. If the external glory and temporary satisfaction of being in the human body and enjoying its glory gives happiness so shall it be done. But if the choice is to turn within and begin the journey towards infinite happiness and permanent contentment, then that shall also be done. The wonderful beings of light await to link up with you. Stay blessed!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Message from Steve-Barbara

I have been following Steve and Barbara from for more than 6 years now and has helped me very much in my spirtual pursuits and in understanding what is happening to me, people and the earth. There always have been timely message from the Divine through them. Here is one,  from which you may get "some messages". 

Greetings from Home
Beauty An Anchor of Light
Home is now changing because of what you are doing here on this planet. Each and every one of you has brought a very special segment of Home to planet Earth to carry with you. This part of Home is not only your message, internal guidance, and spark of light, but it is something that you refer to on your planet as beauty. There is much that will be coming as humans evolve to carry more of their spirit in the physical being. Many of your changes have been emotional and energetic, yet they are starting to occur on a physical level as well. It is easy to see where this is going. We will share with you what will be helpful to know as you experience these changes and this transformation. We wish to tell you about the one anchor, the piece that will hold your energy in all situations during all these growth experiences. We know this is difficult for most of you to hear or understand and especially to feel. But we will ask you to take this information into your mental body first then simply filter it down, for you are carrying the beauty of Home within your being right now.
Many of you have come in with a strong heart connection. As a child you had to learn how to tone that down and pull in your energy to try and fit into a world you did not seem to fit in. That became very problematic, yet you learned how to hold your energy field in to give you the illusion of being separate. Now you are starting to understand that you are connected, and you always have been. You are starting to let go of that restriction, of that energy field that you have compacted so tightly around you. Now that you are starting to return to who you truly are, and there is something that will happen to almost each and every one of you. You will feel a loss of your own grounding process, and when this happens the first thing you begin to do is to doubt yourself. It is very common on this planet right now that as you look at things you have been doing for a very long time, you start to wonder if you are doing them right. You are beginning to doubt yourself in many ways, but we do not even think that is such a negative. Instead, it is simply an opportunity for you to re-evaluate everything.  So, as we start to lose this restriction, we begin to connect to different energy fields and feel other people like you have before. You are starting to feel your own connection with everyone else around you. Because that is unusual, it makes you lose your autonomy and your separateness, the illusion of who you think you are.
Inner Beauty
That is why you are starting to work with harmonizing techniques and learning how you can send your energy safely out into the universe. If we told you that you could send a stream of your beauty and energy out into the universe and it could be felt by everyone, very few of you would do it because you think that your energy is not perfect. You would doubt yourself so much that you would block and restrict your own beauty. Because you are on the planet of Free Choice, it has become a continual cycle for all humans to do that.  It is part of the process you have of bringing in your energy field and pretending to be separate from the whole. Now it is changing, as you start to release these boundaries which you have worked so hard on during your incarnations on Earth. The first thing you see is that you are part of the whole. What we are telling you is that you are part of a puzzle that cannot exist without you. You hold a unique beauty, a part of Home that can only be seen through your smile, your words and your vibration. Your first and most important responsibility is to find your own inner beauty, for that part of the puzzle is needed now. This will be scary for most of you. It is easy to find beauty in someone or something else, and yet it is difficult for you to see your own. It is part of the veil which you have described, that you actually created at the beginning of the game of planet Earth. It is a part of the veil that you designed that keeps one from seeing who they truly are. Now that veil is starting to disintegrate. A slow but steady degradation of the veil is well underway. The veil is starting to diminish and you are starting to feel things that you have never felt before.

Do Something!
You are beginning to become aware that you hold a responsibility in the universe to play a role in the process. Deep inside you are aware of a feeling that you are supposed to do something big in your life. We concur and predict that soon you will have a chance to bring your own part of beauty from Home to create Heaven on Earth. Every one of you has been working on this, for it is a grand puzzle piece that cannot exist until all the parts are in place. You hold one of those pieces. Your passion, your excitement, those things that light up your spirit will take you to your beauty. They will take you to the most incredible ideas, and please understand the way you have defined beauty on this planet is very strange. It is interesting to see how each one defines beauty, because it is a part of Home seen from many views. It is a remembrance of a part that you know. When you find yourself watching a sunrise over a pristine pasture and you see that energy coming in and say, “Oh, this is beautiful!” you are remembering Home. You are remembering that same feeling you have every single moment at Home. At this time it will be very helpful to spend time each day renewing your idea of beauty, to appreciate and  practice expressing this beauty. It is time to dare to let people see you and to let them in to release this restricting boundary that you have worked so hard to hold on to. It is time to start letting go. 
These are the pieces that each and every one of you is starting to walk through. It is not easy, and we know that. Although we have never incarnated on Earth and played the game of pretending to be human, we are here to help you re-member your true nature for we are part of you on a much larger level. We are here to help you re-member that you are a spirit first, and a human second. We are here to help you re-member that you are a grand family, that you are sons and daughters of the king. You are special beyond your belief and you have a light from Home that is needed on this planet now more than ever before. We know that it is scary for you. We know that you doubt yourself, it is part of the human condition and yet we applaud you. When you feel the wind at your back, it is our wings brushing against each other as we applaud each and every one of you as you step out of that little comfort zone that you have nurtured for so long to be your safety zone. Now you will find that it will restrict you. It will frustrate you, it will make you doubt yourself and that is why each and every one of you can start releasing and become the energy field that you always were. For the first time it is possible to hold that energy in one of your physical bodies. It is new and there are new forms of communication that are coming as a result. Humans currently spend hours talking to each other using words to communicate with little success. Then when the vibrations are in sync it only takes a split second to make your point. You will be able to very quickly go through and hit those levels of what we have called Deep Contact. It is part of your natural form as you start releasing much of what you have built to protect you.
The Backwash of Doubt
This is a time to let you know that it is okay to feel as if you do not have it all. It is okay to feel frail, because everybody else on the planet is feeling the same way even if they are not saying so. It is part of the human condition that humans are going through right now in preparation for what is coming. We have mentioned the waves that have come through Earth and have talked about them for many years. The energy waves began on 01-01-01 and 02-02-02. It is very simple to say that if you catch the crest of this wave, it can simply push you forward very easily. Your own energy field has changed, as you have done and are doing your work. You are changing yourself consciously; the outside world is changing. It is more acceptable for you to be who you are. With all your beautiful attributes and frailties, you must understand our view of you. You are the perfect imperfection of god, for everything on this side of the veil must have a bit of imperfection within it in order to exist. Therefore, god became imperfect and played a game to pretend to be imperfect. That is you. Now you are awakening from the dream. Now you are starting to find that you have powers beyond your understanding. You are finding that you are not separate from each other and, in fact, you have connections even if you are not ready for them. So the one piece we will ask you to start looking at is to dare to see your own beauty. It is very difficult, for you are trained otherwise. When each and every one of you looks in the mirror, you immediately see your imperfections that you have been striving constantly to be perfect. Now we are going to ask you to stop striving and own who you are. Own all of it…what you call imperfections are the pieces that fit in perfectly.
It was a while ago, dear ones, that mankind learned to make a substance very similar to diamonds. In fact, this caused diamond manufacturers to inscribe their diamonds because they cannot tell the difference between manmade and natural diamonds. Most of the diamonds being made today are for industrial use, but we find it interesting and the reason is very simple. There are no imperfections in the manmade diamonds, therefore, they are not valuable. Is that not interesting? They are too perfect. It is actually the inclusions inside—the way the diamond reflects the light and sparkles that makes it beautiful. That is you. We are now looking at the overall part of the diamond—the overall part of you. Instead of looking at the imperfections, we are going to focus on the imperfections and find a way to use them positively. The imperfections are part of the inclusions in your diamond that make your diamond a unique beauty from Home. It is not easy, for it means owning your mastery and owning who you are. The difficult part is your egos, because your egos always have to be in balance. You are aware of this.

Making Space for the Other Gods:
The Art of Empowerment
Many of you watch too closely and are so concerned about being in the ego that you never stand up and speak your peace. You never share the part of beauty that you brought from Home. So, it is about balancing all of that, yet you want the check and the way to check your ego and expressing your own true beauty, is very simple. Are you making space for the other gods in the universe? We tell you right now that the grandest secret that we could ever tell you is that you are god. You are that which you have been searching for. Searching on the outside has led you inward. You are that one piece that holds it all, and yet the veil keeps you from re-membering it. The veil keeps you from your connection to Home. So once you start removing the veil, you start feeling this power and connection, then the first thing you do is run against the brick wall because you forgot that you are not the only god. We are going to help you re-member and experience the changes that all humans are beginning to right now.  The way we will work with you on this, dear ones, is to hold you up to the highest light that we can. We are here to empower you in any way we can. We hope you take that message and empower somebody else, because true empowerment is only activated when you are surrounded by empowered people. You have created an empowered society in a moment’s notice and it will happen. You can now hold that energy in your energy field.  You can now hold more of your connection to Home in your physical body because of the changes and evolution every one of you are experiencing. Fear, loneliness and feeling unworthy are the human emotions that each and every one of you will have going through these levels of evolution. The challenge is when you truly doubt yourself, when you truly believe that you are not worthy or you have nothing to give. We tell you that if that were the case, you would not be on planet Earth.
This is not an easy planet to be on; it is not a vacation spot. Although it is the garden of the universe, it is a very difficult energy to be in as far as planetary energies go. We are here to help you re-member your true nature, your strengths, and your own energy. We are not here to tell you that you must go this way or that way, for that is entirely up to you. These are your choices, because you are on the planet of free choice. Do not judge yourself for the choices, simply make them even if they are what you consider to be wrong. If you make the choice, you can go back and change it. If you do not make the choice, you fall into a rut of default.  This is where many challenges come in, for you are no longer in control of your life. These are the times you are starting to take charge.   Even though you may not know exactly the direction or what that feels or looks like, you may know that where you are does not hold the energy for you. So moving in any direction will put you on the path of making choices and creating your own environment, even if it is not the perfect environment you want. It will lead you to make those choices and to openly find that piece.

The Field Used as a Resonance Chamber
Dear ones, the energy field has been expanding around your body. For a very long time it was only about two inches away from your body, and now for many of you it has extended 6 to8 feet, and for others  10 feet. This has taken a lot of work. It has also taken a lot of restrictions and effort on your part. However, it has paid off quite well because now as each and every one of you evolve, you will use this energy field that you had around your body as your resonant chamber. As your base energy from which you will now broadcast, your energy field will now expand and will no longer be restricted by the boundaries. There will be a lot of misuse of this energy in the beginning.  There will be a lot of people trying to use it for their own purposes, as more becomes known. There will be a lot of the typical things that humans do when they learn something new. Yet, it is one of the biggest keys that is going to help you take these steps.  We talked about being at the crest of the wave simply to give you a ride, to give you a little bit more of your energy instead of having to fight for every part of it. What we have not told you is that before every wave that comes onto the shore, there is a backwash of energy that feels like it is going in the other direction. The water must come back out to build the wave to come back in. You are in that backwash right now. This is why some of you are panicking or feeling stuck, overreacting to your surrounding environment. This is why many have very raw emotions, and feel as if you are right on the edge of your world. Do not fear what we are telling you. It is helpful to know that you are not alone, but it is also helpful to know that this is an evolutionary process that all human beings are going through. To get from Point A to Point B where you can carry more of your own spirit in your physical body, it is necessary to go through some of these changes.  The same effect will be felt with 111111 and 121212.

So, this is the backwash. It is the time when you feel all of the energy being sucked from you instead of filling you up. But we will have you keep your eye on the bigger picture, because as strong as that backwash is and as lost as some of you may feel right now, you know what is coming. You know that this first wave of energy entering over the next three years is bringing a new form of humanity, a new empowered environment that you have never had the opportunity to exist in before. These are not easy transitions for humans resist change. It is one of your safety mechanisms to not change. Now you will find you will release more freely. You will welcome it and even though you have been building this energy field and this safety zone for so long, as you start to feel it move, get excited. Look at all the possibilities. Look at what is happening to you, and look at what effect you have on people around you that you have never thought you had. Do this and you will start to feel your inner beauty. This is a time to take the next step consciously and to begin to work with this energy on a daily basis and to fear not. Play with it. Play, pretending to be the new human. Play putting the most beauty out there that you can dare to see. We are not talking about physical beauty, but about passion and the things that make your spirit light up. It will almost always show in a physical form, but you must re-member that physical beauty is not defined on our planet because it means something different to each and every one of you. There is always someone who will see your beauty if you let it out. All that is necessary is to know that you are on the right path, to be able to see your effect and be able to take those steps. This backwash that you are in right now is in preparation.

This is the final clearing as the first wave settles in. Many people on this planet will be off center, because this first wave of energy you will be standing in all the murk and mire and all the confusion, you will be standing perfectly still as a beacon of light that others will come up to and say, “What is going on? What is happening? What are you feeling? What do you have to offer about this?” These are the times when you start to find your own true beauty and own it. It is time, dear ones, to start to own your mastery. Own who you are. Not just in this lifetime, but in all the incarnations that you have had here. Draw on that strength. Draw on that energy from your ancestors, bring it in. It is all there for you right now. Above all, enjoy this ride.

It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you these words and leave you with three little reminders. Treat each other with the greatest respect for that is the way of an empowered society. Nurture everyone at every chance you get and re-member it is a beautiful game and play well together.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Be careful on Facebook/Websites

  Since this place has visitors who also frequent on Facebook, Orkut and other social networking sites, I am putting up this video, especially for teenages about the vulnerability of risks on the internet that we might otherwise take it for granted. I have been telling youngsters especially girls about the risks of posting personal stuff and pictures that can be misused. This video will be here temporarily until you see it :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A message from above


We spend so much time living in the past – living with regrets for things we did when we did not know any better at the time. Once we do know, we can change, and change is usually very positive. But each soul has their own time for change. We cannot progress forward unless we can understand why we do things. More than anything, we need to let go of any judgment against ourselves. We are not perfect; we cannot be because we have a Self constantly hounding us with negative questions and answers. However, if we are truly honest with ourselves and God, we are truly being who we should be, not what people want us to become.

I am not afraid any more to speak my truth; it is as simple as that. I often watch people as Alan often speaks my truth for me. It is as if I am not there in the room. Often they cannot believe we are being so honest. It is the same with many different subjects, especially about sex. Alan and I have no inhibitions in talking about anything to do with sex. Ninety-five percent of the population is terrified of speaking about it. It is really interesting to watch people’s reactions as we begin speaking our truth about that subject. However, to be able to speak my truth quietly and clearly has brought a peace inside of me which I cannot describe.

Maitreya has said that we all need to speak our own truth, but how many of us do? Not only do I have peace inside of myself, I have more energy in my daily life and for the things I need to manifest. I am not bogged down with unspoken words I should have said, but never did. The next time someone asks you a question to which you need to give an answer, speak your truth. Yes! Speak your truth – do not hold back. With Love in your heart, say what you truly mean and would like to say, not what they want you to say or expect you to say. You will then be true to yourself. Not only that, you will be true to God, whatever you deem that energy to be!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The realization of ethics in life.

This is an old article that I had written when I was four years younger than now and probably much less mature that now. Did not want it to go to my recycle bin; rather put it here. Check out if it sounds good to you :)

Ethics, when mentioned, sounds too philosophical in today's world.  The real truth is that this statement is not the truth when you happen to understand and witness its working.  Ethics is defined as the discipline of dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation.  Now, obligation is what puts one off because obligation means a responsibility that is binding.  We do not want to get bonded, isn't it?  Let us think of making ethics as a part of our daily working activity.  Before that let us know what ethics really does to our lives.

According to me, ethics is simply applying the correct and right thing in one's living.  It includes one's principles towards life.  Life is a living energy that keeps transforming our lives as and how we want it to.  What we give to life, life accepts it humbly and gives the best back to us.  This means that even if we would want to give something bad, life would humbly accept it and return the best of negative things to us.  That is where ethics becomes very important.  You wouldn’t want life to be full of jealous and growling people.  You wouldn’t want disappointments on every path of your life.  You wouldn’t want people cheating you and lying to you everytime you undertake something.  Yes, same way, life also wouldn’t want you doing the same.  You are being returned what you gave out.  Its well known to you that what you want does not fall automatically at your feet but you have to work towards it.  Miracles happen when you work for it.  Same way you have to work towards making ethics a part of life.  Why the compulsion?  No, not a compulsion.  Its only if you want to see life behaving with you ethically.  Its seen clearly in us that we do not want to be ethical in our thoughts, words and deeds but are at sheer disappointment when life is not ethical with us.

What makes ethical living hard is by trying hard to be ethical when your heart is not with the decision that you make.  You have to understand and believe and thus witness the wonders in an ethical life.  The biggest trouble we have now is thinking that we have to be godly or saintly to be ethical.  No, not at all.  What I say is to bring the out the goodness that is hidden deep within your self.  You do have ethics in you but you do not display or use it.  The very thought of your conscience hinting you when you are thinking something wrong or about to do something wrong is the proof that you have ethics in you.  Whether you use it or discard the signals is entirely left up to you by life.  In some this ethical voice is very strong and it can be witnessed for a long time in the form of guilt when a wrong step or action is taken.  In some, it is momentary and forgotten.  But life doesn’t forget it and we become more foolish to forget this even when life returns it in the same manner.

Flow with life, reach for the goodness in you and exhibit the real goodness in you.  Talk to the downtrodden with a smile.  Have compassion for every living being.  Do what you feel from the bottom of your heart is the right thing.  When judging others think if would have been right if you would have been in their place.  When laughing at person's misfortune think how would you feel if you would have been in that place, forget someone laughing at you.  When a dog barks at you understand that if you were an animal you would have barked too and maybe even bitten, if you are more of the angry type human.  When you see a snake writhing in pain by the stones pelted by men, think how would you feel when you were such a small creature crawling the earth and how horrifying when you cant cry for help and more of all you cant tell them that you didn’t mean harm and were just going your way.  When a poor dirty child at the streets stares at the ice-cream in the hands of your child don’t give that child an angry look, give it an ice-cream.  Wouldn’t you have given your child another one if it insisted?  Understand that that poor child has no privilege of eating a delicious ice-cream that your child can.  When you pick a stone to proudly display your accurate aim at that small dog lying calmly on the street, imagine yourself sleeping blissfully when a monster 10 times bigger, larger and stronger than you picks a piece of rock to test its aim at you.  While you order the butcher how you want a bird chopped and cut, the bird does not have its head it place and is tossing in pain.  Think how you tossed and jumped when you cut your finger last time.  Why all this… it goes even more smaller than you thought.  When someone is cutting a tree and you haven’t ever thought how the tree felt, think what would be happening to you if you were deaf, dumb, blind, and paralyzed and someone was cutting you with a knife.  Yes, that is how that tree feels, too unfortunate it can't tell you.  Remember everything that moves on its own has life just like you have and it has the absolute right to live and feel good just as you do.

When someone comes to you for help that you know is genuine you think of those excuses and you can't help cursing a few months or years down the line when you ask someone for help and don’t get it.  When you as an employer cut the hard-earned wages of your workers don’t be surprised if you don’t get to enjoy your "hard-earned" money when the Income Tax department visits you or a competitor visits your town to share your "happiness".  When you demand a bribe from someone who has to compromise with a lot of things to feed you on your greed don’t be surprised when you have to shell out money for each and everything from "buying" the comfort of a friend to remitting those "unwarranted" hospital bills.  When you snarl and snap at your wife for every petty reason don’t be confused when your boss, your friend, your neighbor growl at you for every little reason.

This is what the simple ethics in life assures us as rewards when we do not heed to following an ethical life.  Everything matters, every little thing does.  It is not hard to bring ethics into our lives as we already have it within us.  As the world gets more materialistic and developed we suppress this ethical power within us.  Allow it to emerge and show itself.  Once your realize its working it will naturally flow and you will notice changes all around you.  You will notice that life is now more ethical to you, the way you wanted life to treat you.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

All is well??

Check this out. When you walk down the street and meet someone you ask, "How are you?" The reply has to be "Fine!" or "Good!" or "Nice!" or "Great!" etc.  Same when someone asks you this ritualistic or traditional question, you end up giving the same answer. The answer means "All is well." But here my true question is "Is all really well?" and "Are you really fine?"

Anything that we repeatedly do for a period of time becomes a habit or rather creates a neuropathway in our brains that over a period of time becomes so conditioned that it requires no more effort to do it. Same is the how are you and I am fine conditioning. We forget that these conditioning may be affecting our lives. So many conditioning has happened by now that it is literally impossible to be truly honest, even to our own selves. This article is more than a self-help article. Now, the literal condition is such that even the ones needing to know this article may also tend to discard it saying "When all is well why should I be reading this?" or "I don't need to know anything on this subject because everything is fine with me." That is again conditioning. For one to know the truth of what are you or who exactly you are, one needs introspection. Introspection with just a few moments with one's own self and asking and probing deep if I am being true to myself in all aspects.

More of the life's problem is because we see that we are being treated negatively, we are being troubled, we are being targeted, we are being taken advantage of, injustice is being done to us, etc, etc, but if one carefully introspects not a single external being has given us trouble. It is all our own creations. Sadly, to worsen things, this aspect is not understood and the blame continues to be projected outward and thus creating and attracting more miseries from the outside world.

This morning I was just thinking about most of the people close to me as friends, relatives or family members. I was thinking of a few friends who loved talking about the entire world and all the creatures and stories and gossips in it but disliked even talking one bit about their own selves. So much they suffered from within but so tactfully and so gracefully managed to keep their external bodies and faces happy. This reflects the same to the first question I asked here - the how are you and I am fine stuff. There is so much of harm done to one's own self by the lies that one speaks to one's own self. "I am fine. It is the world that is bad." There are two extremes of people. One who says that he/she is doing great and whatever problems are there in their lives are coming from miserable outer beings who want to make their lives miserable. The other extreme is the ones who feel that they themselves are to blame for everything and the world continues to torture the poor they. This is the self-pity type. But here still the world is to blame for adding up to their miseries. Both these types suffer for there is no total acknowledgment that what is coming to them is what they themselves created. Both the categories focus on the external things and factors and continue to blame, curse, hate, attack these external factors. The cycle continues. More anger is spewed, more resentment, more revenge, more attacks, more sarcasm and criticism, everything dumped again and again outward. The law of karma or the law of Newton works silently whether one wants to believe it or not. "The law of karma says, 'As you sow you reap' and Newton's law says, 'Every action has an equal and opposite reaction." Just one little true introspection for a few seconds on one's own self can end this endless cycle of give and receive. If this law is understood then this time when one thinks again one will notice that to receive one has to first give. So if you are receiving something it means you have already given something in the same form. This includes the blessings in your life. If good things are coming your way, it is only because you have given it out in the past. If negative things are coming your way it also means you have given it in the past. So, how does one stop receiving any thing negative in life? Simple - stop giving anything negative out! The highest harm that comes is with the ignorance of one's actions when one gives out more negativities in negative situations. If insult comes your way, the reaction is to insult back. If anger comes your way, the reaction is to retaliate with fury. If bad luck comes your way, the reaction is to curse more. All these reactions are with an attempt to get even. In an attempt to pay back and make things tit-for-tat. Somethings these reactions are even to create more injury or harm to others than that was caused to oneself, so that there is no further retaliation from the other part. What is sadly forgotten here is that one is still creating more problems for oneself. The more you give the more you receive back. It is only a matter of time before what you sent out starts to boomerang.

It is a myth to feel that all problems external can be destroyed. Nothing can be destroyed. We hear of incidents where one gets the enemy killed or one physically disable the enemy. All this is done with a sense of insecurity, feeling a false sense of security when the enemy is destroyed or disabled. What one forgets here is that what comes back may not be the same person or situation, but what comes back is the misery in similar form. More enemies sprout out suddenly that will move towards you to complete the cycle of giving back what you have given. Their reasons might be totally different but what does not differ is the justified action coming back to you. It will come for it has to come; one can manipulate things in their lives but the laws of the Universe cannot be manipulated.

There is so much going on in our lives. Everything that we are going through is give and take. Both the good and bad incidents of life. So when bad things happens one should not "pretend" all is fine and continue living as though nothing has happened. Just thinking it will go away will not make it go away unless the reactions to these incidents are not in the same line of negativity. Have more of retrospection of one's soul agenda and the journey through life. For ones who do not want to do this, life is going to be difficult to deal with in the coming years. These are the times when the truths of life are being openly revealed for mankind's betterment. There are numerous opportunities springing up to give you the insight of what you need to do to bring more harmony into your life, to wipe our miseries from your life and to help you stop create further problems for you. For all, the only requirement that is needed at this hour is the introspection. Probe within and try to get rid of things that you dislike in others. For what you dislike in others is a very much true part of your personality. If ego is what hurts you in others, if jealously is what bothers you about your partner, if insincerity is what you are worried about in your spouse, if dishonesty is bothering you in your children, if selfishness is what you dislike in your colleagues then know that all these are abstracts are a huge part of your personality. It is from within yourself that you need to get rid of it rather than aiming to change the people around. People and situations are nothing but mere reflections of your own true selves. So, this introspection can begin from looking at people. This is easier because it is much more difficult to probe within one's own self. The mind will lie and be dishonest because noone wants to feel inferior. We are the best judges when it comes to judging people but utterly miserable when we have to judge ourselves. This is also due to the false ego and false feeling we have carried about ourselves. It is easier to see others and judge others because we can notice them and observe them very easily and clearly as our attention is very good to focus on them. We fail on ourselves because we can never focus on ourselves; rather, it is difficult to observe our own selves unbiasedly.  The best way to know is would be to video tape your own self and then watch the recording of how you behaved. You will catch many things that you dislike and feel embarrassed about it also. Know that other people are video cameras who read you clearly of things that you might disapprove of.

So, all the work that has to be done to make a better world is within. No need of peace rallies, no need of sting operations, no need of wars, no need of clean-up operations, no need of increasing police or armed forces, no need of speeches and sermons, no need of threatening children, no need of using any fear tactics on others, no need of emotional blackmails, no need of changing the education system, no need of changing the government, no need of memorandums, no need of meetings, talks and discussions, no need of carrying out movements, no need of strikes, no need of noncooperation, no needs of boycotting, no need for death penalties, no need for punishments, nothing, nothing. All these are tactics used to try to change the external. Man has never succeeded. That is why with even the increase of all these tactics man has miserably failed to achieve what one wants to see. What one wants to see is actually their own part. They try to see what they want, in others and fail. Then they believe by changing others they can be happy and they still fail. Everything begins from oneself and ends with oneself. The externals are only mirrors. Man is blindly firing into the mirrors, trying to kill their own reflections. It is like nursing your wounds on your reflection on the mirror. Mirror will end up having more bandages and treatments and you will still remain miserable. How if the wounds are nursed and taken care of on the self itself? Miraculously the wounds in the reflection will get healed. This is the simple thing that God in any form - through Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc tried to convey and are trying to convey but everyone is just lost in external battles. All the saints and prophets and masters came to show this to you and point out to you. They have always told about the bad in us and we take their teachings seriously and judge how bad it was in others, just ignoring our own selves. Is that real honest? Will that really work out that way when we our cheating our own selves?

In the coming years, these are the challenges offered to you by masters of all times - in the living and nonliving forms. Challenges to change your own self, purify your own self. It is all in our freewill to chose what we wish to do. If we do not wish to suffer we must change our attitudes and outlooks immediately. For the goodness of these truths are now catching up. Previously, one could fool anyone with what one wished to do, but now the time is gearing up to face truths. Everything is answerable now. The process of Karma has speeded up. That is why one can see chaos all around - in individuals, in families, in society, in countries, in the world. All that was given is returning at a rapid rate. This is not to punish you for nothing external can punish you, you yourself punish yourself. The process is acting fast so that one pushed to the edge where one can now realize that things do not work in the same old fashion. Old tricks and methods will not work anymore. Sufferings are nothing but reminders of these facts that there is something wrong with what you are doing or where you are heading. Change and the result changes. Change within and everything around changes. One may ask if by changing one's own self how can corruption, injustice, havocs, miseries, disasters, crime, etc in the world stop? They will continue for as long as people keep doing it externally and they will continue attract such similar experiences. But as an individual what will change is the outlook and reactions to external situations. That is why if you look at saints and masters they are unperturbed by what is happening outside. They are compassionate but never pity others for any condition for they know it is their own consequences that they are facing. External hurts, insults, praise, criticism never affect a fraction of their mental peace and joyful aura. They live in their own world of happiness and continue to emit only positivity such as love, compassion, help, joy, peace, healing and continue to receive these as everlasting gifts in their lives. They come a step forward to teach humanity how to follow these simple steps and live but man mocks them and ignorantly continue feeling very superior to these great souls and continue begging and pleading God to make them free of their miseries. Running to God, offering your valuables and pleading to change the world for you will not make even a fraction of difference to whom you are praying to. It is time to knock your common sense to wake up and know that God is within. Foolishly even God or the supreme power is treated as an external thing. Everything is within. The whole Universe. Ask that divine within to change and it will change for there is no difference between God and you. When you see Him external you need to fear him and do all rituals and worship outside. When you see him internal and as a part of you, you begin treating your own body as a temple, church, mosque, gurdwara and continue to worship the one within you. When this happens miracles happen because now you will not allow any negativity to grow within or sprout from within. You inner self will be treated as divine with love and respect. When this happens, all that you emit will be positivity and thus in the due course all that you will end up attracting is positive conditions and situations. Situation and conditions of peace , joy and contentment not outside but all of this deep within. Finally, one will realize that this is what one has been searching for throughout one's life and perhaps lifetimes! Stay blessed!

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