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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why meditate?

First it is better we understand what meditation is. To understand what meditation is we have to understand what meditation is not :) It is NOT:
  • ~ A new age hobby or fad.
  • ~ Religious ritual.
  • ~ Closing eyes and sitting in a posture.
  • ~ A yoga exercise.
So what is it then:
  • ~ Process of understanding the self.
  • ~ Process of working towards a peaceful and calm, and thus a happy mind.
  • ~ Process of decluttering your life.
  • ~ Process of understanding your life purpose.
  • ~ Process of knowing that powerful divinity that created you.
  • ~ Process of purification of the mind, body and soul.
  • ~ Process of become a master of your thoughts.
  • ~ Process of healing your emotional and physical ailments.
  • ~ Process of attracting abundance in life.
  • ~ Process of raising your vibration to the vibration of the Universe.
  • ~ Finally, it is merging with the conciousness in eternal bliss and eternal life.
Why do I have to meditate?
There is no compulsion :) however, here are some facts. The earth vibrates at a certain frequency. For thousands of years it vibrated at 7 Hz and from 1998 it has been changing and increasing; now vibrating at 14.8 Hz and by 2012 it will vibrate at 16.8 hertz resonance! (Read more about the fast-approaching year 2012 here) Change is inevitable and is a natural law. Change in vibration mean purification and ascension to higher levels of conciousness. At such time of vibration increase, all energies vibrating at lower levels are challenged. Lower vibrations like fear, greed, selfishness, possessiveness, lies, animal instincts, immorality, etc, are all challenged. All that leave these lower vibrations and surrender to the raising vibrations shall transcend along with nature's progress. Anything that challenges and refuses to let go of these lower qualities and vibrations of life will suffer and perish. With higher vibrations it is impossible for the lower vibrations to be in place. So, it is nothing but wise to let go of the lower vibrations. That is why the world overall is seeing more of destruction, voilence, wars, terrorism, unrest and turmoil. These are not increasing negativities but these are actually negativities raising their hood because they are now being challenged by purer forces. Not only in the world, but you will see these negativities raising its hood in your life too in the form of disharmony, sleeplessness, misunderstandings, fights, frustration, irritation, anger, illnesses, etc, which is nothing but the lower vibrations rising to the surface. At such times, what the world needs is patience and letting the negativities go. Same with one's life. The more one tries to resist or fight it, the more time it takes and the more painful the process. This where meditation helps.

Meditatation relaxes the body, mind and soul and rejuvinates your soul. It helps you maintain the let go attitude. Most importantly, it purifies your mind, body and soul by clearing it off of all impurities and toxicities and thus making you lighter in mind and spirit. This means that you start vibrating at a higher level when these impurities leave you and then you become aligned with the vibrations of nature. Remember, what goes with nature remains. By any example, nothing that has gone against nature till today has persisted for long.

Meditation helps you get in touch with your soul and shows you the way towards more powerful methods of living. The old ways are dying away. One cannot survive the old way. Things seem more challenging today in the form of recession and envoironmental changes. Know that these are all human creations and humans cannot hope to survive in the same old fashion. Crooked ways of living, wrong methods of earning, attitude of gathering everything for oneself, working "hard", all does not make sense any more. These are all methods of the old ways of good old earth. Now, are all lighter means of living. Junk foods and unnatural foods were food of the old days and they no longer will allow your bodies to take in the way they used to. These will show up badly on the body. The physical body now needs lighter foods (satvik foods) since it is attuning to higher frequencies that no longer tolerate heavy things the way it used to. Change or suffer. At such times meditation helps one cope with all the changes happening within and outside your bodies. Reading books and taking advices are methods of the old. Meditation provides you all the guidance that you need. Ego is at its highest these days and so is spiritual ego also by so-called spiritual people who feel that once they start practicing spirituality, then it is in others that they should see spirituality, it is others who should be the right way, it is the world that should improve; all these are old ways and will not work in one's favor. Instead, work within, find impurities within and overcome them. Meditation helps. Instruments for forecasting weather and forecasting furture are things of the old. Your mind that created these instruments are more powerful and your mind will reveal things for you - meditation does it. Running away to safer locations, to priests, to powerful people, to politicians, to religions are all the old methods which will not work any more. Run within. Run deep within yourself. You will find it all there. That is where meditation helps. Finance has been getting to be a problem in the external world. Meditate and create abundance. When you start vibrating higher you start attracting things easily; when you choose to remain as you are, every moment and day is a struggle for your existence. The mundane activities of mundane life zaps your energy making you lethargic with a sense of worthlessness; meditate and rejuvinate those lost energies and stay alert and active.

Many think that first they would clear the clutter of their life, set their lives right and then think about meditation. That is why the old idea of "keeping meditation for your old age" is still prevalent. Some still prefer to thing about these "boring" and spiritual things in old age and opt to suffer till then. Actually when one starts meditating, the clearing process is activated and things that you struggled to get out of your life, now starts leaving on its own. Only thing is that you don't resist it, you just allow it to pass and let go, but then even this training comes from meditation. So, instead of setting your life right first and then meditating, do vice versa - start meditating and set your life right!

If you seriously want to start meditating, read the pages in this blog. They will be very helpful for your transitions. Also, watch out for more writings on how to meditate and other meditation techniques and tips. Come back here if your soul wants you to :)


Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Why do I keep falling back to my old ways?

Someone asked, "Why do I sometimes feel peaceful and transformed and sometimes back to my old ways?"

After you are awakened with the awakening bell, you suddenly realize that your life was not supposed to be the way you were living till now. There is a new understanding and meaning to life. You start getting transformed into a pure soul. However, this will not be a very easy journey and this transition periods brings in a lot of hardships. Now, these hardships are what are perceived to be as hardships because once you begin to know life better and know where you are heading, these hardships will be seen as temporary barriers that you will actually look forward to overcome because you know there is so much of permanent happiness on the other side.

This is why when you actually begin your journey towards purification, you begin to feel and witness the effects that comes from manifestation of your goal. You are actually changing your vibrations that are more positive and pure. As you do so, you attract people and situations that vibrate on peace and bliss. This is when you start feeling peaceful and you feel you are really happy to transform because you are experiencing that bliss and peace that you have never experienced before. Understand also, that you are having both vibrations. The old vibrations have not yet left you and they are bound to leave you very slowly as you consciously make effort to drop your ego, fear, anger, etc. So, when these vibrations are still existent in you, you are bound to also manifest experiences harnessed by negativity. Thus, from a peaceful existence you find yourself suddenly drop back into your old ways of negativity. A typical example: You have just meditated one early morning and it’s a wonderful feeling for you. After many days you have achieved this kind of a “successful” session and everything looks so wonderful. You enjoy the morning and joyfully go about with your chores and responsibilities. As the day passes, you notice that you have great energy and everything looks wonderful to you. Everyone you meet is never the same. You don’t want to sulk or get angry for any reason for you feel you should continue to be joyful and happy. Evening you return home and everything at home goes well and you finally toss into bed and say a short thank you to life for being so wonderful. You now know that life is worth living this way and no more are worried about any unhappiness that can touch you for you now know the secret of life! Next morning, you wake up and sit for meditation but somehow your mind is wandering about planning how to spend this day. You finally get up and get going with a little question mark as to why did your meditation not go right. Then when you sit for breakfast you find that you have to eat what you do not like and you have a few frown lines on your forehead. As you go out you bump into someone and that really blows your mind. You are aware that you should keep your calm but by the time its noon you feel lethargic and frustrated for no reason. You start sulking. Being aware you try to stay happy but you just can’t. You don’t know what has gone wrong. You come back home and you feel you have wasted your day. You wonder that it was just the previous day that your life was so different and beautiful. You were so much at peace with yourself and others and today you are just the same old you that you have always hated. What has happened? Such experiences are not only on daily basis but some could experience weeks of good days followed by weeks of bad days. Some even fluctuate between hours of good and bad periods.

What happens here is nothing abnormal. It is perfectly normal for you to have the best of both worlds! Best of positive moments and best of negative moments. You actually have one leg in the pure world and one leg in the impure world. This fluctuations will go on till you have totally purified yourself of all impurities and negativities. 
So, keep going, there is nothing to get discouraged about. The moment you find yourself being the old you, bring the awareness that this is normal to happen and it is a normal part of your transition. Only the awareness will lift up your spirits. There is no need to make a struggling effort to come out of it. Just let go of the idea that you are being negative. Be aware that it is nothing but the experience or situation that your negativities are bringing upon and that this is not permament and it shall pass. It is also important to be aware when you are feeling at the top of the world that this feeling too must be not taken too seriously for life is full of contrasts; one cannot exist without the other, day-night, black-white, good-bad, happiness-sorrow. It’s just a matter of time, till the time you can work on your negativities and overcome them. Be positive always. Being positive attracts positive situations and experiences. The more you sulk the more of bad experiences you cause and the more of karma you add up. When you start becoming aware of becoming positive amidst your negative experiences, then you are certainly growing. With time, you will see that the so-called “bad” or “unhappiness” does not affect you. Though situations are bad you shall still be happy, blissful and peaceful. This blissful state will be witnessed by you as you slowly “work upon” your bad days. Till then, enjoy best of both worlds!


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