Monday, March 30, 2009

Bad childhood, who is responsible?

Someone asked, "I had a bad childhood, bad experiences while growing up. Aren't my parents responsible?"

Every individual’s experience is different and we all grow up with some or the other flaws. No one can ever say that all of one’s growing up experience were only negative or only positive. However, there are lives that have spent the entire childhood with lot of troubles. Many children due to this have a bad conditioning that later affects their lives.

Know that there is no improper judgment to anybody’s life. No soul is ever made to go through bad experiences or pleasant experiences in a random manner. Remember? You chose your own parents. Long before your birth, you (your soul) left a previous body and moved around in the astral plane putting together all of your cumulative experiences from all your lifetimes and made an assessment of whether you had learnt all the lessons that you needed to learn from your previous lifetimes or not. If you did not or if there were any more new experiences that you created from your previous lifetime that you needed to repay with lessons, then you finally made up a decision to come back to the earth plane to finish off your karmas. You then carefully selected your parents from whereon your lessons would begin and you chose to complete them. Finally, when you got into the womb of your mother and was given birth to, you began unfolding all those lessons into your experiences. You were treated exactly as you had known you would be so that be so that with these “sufferings” you began balancing your karmas. As you grew up, you were exposed to all kind of experiences that conditioned you to what you are today. You life decision to evolve brought you all the necessary challenges in front of you today before you were awakened finally and realized that the negative you today is not the real you. But now when you have known who you are and decided to begin clearing your lessons for your soul evolution with your greatest power of freewill, you feel overwhelmed. So, now your ego takes the responsibility and tries to handle the situation by blaming external circumstances, environment and people for being challenged by life. Your parents did nothing unusual but they too are exercising their freewill to learn their own lessons by coming together in a relation where you too have agreed to come together and give and take experiences.

This situation is normal and can look to be very exhausting and frustrating. It is only with your freewill, again, that you can chose whether to continue the blame game or move out and beyond it towards your goal. Once you let go and release the judgments and blames, you will see clearly the lessons that you were made to learn all these years and will be glad and thankful for those experiences. When this happens, then spiritual maturity has dawned upon you. You will chose not to see what wrong others did to you, but you will see how to let learn the lesson that made you go through it and then let go of that. As you do this, you start evolving and clearing your residual karma. The more you oppose it and deny the situation, the more challenging it will be for you, not to mention the additional karma you create with it.

Be grateful and happy that the wisdom of getting over it all has come upon you and is guiding you back to your path. Get on your path and leave behind all the illusional complaints and troubles of life. Bless the people who taught you and urged you to grow!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spirituality and religion.

Someone asked, "What is the difference between spirituality and religion?  Do I have to leave my religion?" 
First of all, there is nothing called religion.  Religion never existed before humans came on earth. It was designed by man as a form of conduct among human beings. God or the power of consciousness exists throughout everything in nature. Every soul is one and interconnected with each other. 

So, you don’t have to leave your religion.  Spirituality lives in every religion. All religion basically preach the same instructions to life.  However, spirituality and the understanding of spirituality is higher than any doctrines. In religion, the attempt to absorb and cultivate good exists while discarding the bad but true spirituality is the awareness of good and bad and being unaffected through good and bad, highs and lows. One who understand true spirituality will never adopt or admonish his or her religion. They will neither adopt of admonish any other religion. One never leaves one’s own religion nor leaves other religions. This is because the awakened person knows and sees the universal force in through all things and so through all religions.

Spirituality is not another religion. It is universal. It admits everybody and never forces any body. We are all part of it, yet divided into many religion, caste, creed and cult. Its like, to be a human being and to live on earth is your right. So, to exercise that right, you don’t leave your country just because the world was divided into many hemispheres, continents, countries, states, districts, towns, streets and homes. You continue living yet being a part of what you were. There are no distinctions to make, no boundaries to create here, for one knows that there were none but just illusions of power and dominance.

The true one will be comfortable accepting all doctrines and teaching of all religions and enlightened beings. Here, truth does not differ with all enlightened beings and masters but they were just the same truth expressed in different forms. Religion was formed by man initially with the intention of creating harmony, peace and unity amongst us and never as a dominance or fight for supremacy.  There are no tittles to be won by any religion because they already have won the tittles of working on the truth and establishing this truth. It’s only ignorance that caused barriers and separation. An awakened being is not ignorant but full of wisdom, wiser than the mighty ignorant.

When you follow spirituality with all your heart and soul, you are bringing good name to your own religion, whichever it is, for this is what every religion speaks of.  Do not stop with any man-made rules in religion if they are beyond what truth in an unbiased form is. There is no necessity to oppose anything that does not fall in with the highest good of all, for a wise man ignores ignorance. An awakened being does not notice such small things because there are higher and bigger things of importance to him or her.  Until one does good in the true spirit to everything and everyone, there will be no opposition from any religion; it is just our myth.  Even religion actually sees goodness for the highest good of all more than any doctrines that were once placed with the sole intention of building ethics and nothing that we see today as loopholes or rigid laws.  So, when one works on true spirituality, one works on his or her religion too. Both are one for a seeker.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Is living without attachment possible?

If attachment is bad, then how do I live without all the things I need to live?

Is it necessary to renounce everything and go to a forest to get enlightened?

Firstly, you have to understand what attachment is. Many religions and many great souls have always mentioned that attachment is the cause of all miseries. Attachments creates greed and suffering. We see many renunciates who renounce everything and move to the forests or to the mountains. Thus, all we have known is that attachment is bad. Do not read this and try to follow detachment as a rule because it was mentioned in a holy book or by a holy person.

Observe all the great people who practice detachment. You will see that not all of them are totally nonmaterialistic. There are great gurus who move in cars and flights to reach their destination, there are great teachers who wear wrist watches. There have been masters who have had great fan following and disciples flocking around them all the time. So, sometimes many ponder if great people are attached to person or thing even though they preach otherwise. Now, this is not attachment. They use flights or cars to move and reach destination as a mode of transport. They use materialistic things very constructively and also make use of people, disciples and volunteers to organize their services. But also note that these are people who can live without any of these if the need be. There have been great masters who used various things in the material world to be in service of others. Sometimes, ardent disciples wish to see to their master’s comfort and would be offended if their master lacked in anything that they could readily offer. The master knows this and allows them to treat them to give respect to their devotion and love. But the same masters can be anytime living without anything. That is being unattached.

You don’t have to leave your family or possessions to be unattached. You mind has to actually be unattached to these things. When you live in this material world, you will certainly need material things or people to aid you in whatever you do. So, you can definitely use things and fulfill your responsibilities towards family and society. The real test to see whether you are unattached is to imagine for a moment that you have lost everything. Now, think if you are affected in any way. If you are, then you are attached. If you can’t fall asleep without your cozy bed you are attached. If your wife or child is not around and you miss them dearly you are attached. So attachment is not what you hold on to physically but is what you hold on to dearly in your mind. If that person or thing is no more available with you and you become miserable then you are in misery because of the attachment. So detach the idea of clinging and comfort.

Enlightenment is possible in the material world amidst relationships and material. You had chosen your parents and decided to be born in that certain place, among certain people so that you learn what you have come to learn and experience what you had to experience so that you grow. So understand that there is no need to escape into the forest to fulfill the idea of detachment. Even more miserable is a person who renounces everything physically and goes into isolation but is not able to detach anything from his mind. What a misery is that! He will even crave more for all that he has now “lost” or left behind. So, the root of attachment is in the mind. Attachment is the pleasure or comfort one gets when he or she is in contact with that person or thing. It’s the fulfillment of ones desires. It’s the need to satisfy one’s ego. So to be unattached these vices have to be uprooted from one’s deep being and once that is done, there will no longer be any craving for anything and thus there will not be any attachment. You will continue to use everything that you have and you will continue to live with everyone but you will not be bound by anything. This is true freedom from attachment.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Manifestation - Part 3

I assume you must have read my previous articles. If not, read Manifestation - Part 1 & Manifestation - Part 2 before you read this one:

Now, once you have known the secret of attracting anything that you like into your life, it also becomes important to keep a check on what you desire. You know that you now need to change the way you think and the way you feel. Whatever you think with a strong feeling has the power to manifest. If you are stuck with something in life that you do not desire or if you dislike something in your life then all that you need to do is tell yourself what you need now. If you don't like or need something in your life you should not be thinking or feeling about it anymore. For example, if you are addicted to smoking/drinking, you now need to tell yourself that you need a healthier lifestyle and stop focussing on the smoking and drinking. Throughout all times you need to be thinking, imagining and feeling of a healthy lifestyle. You could visualize yourself happily chatting or working in a smoke-free zone and enjoying yourself at a gathering having a refreshing lemonade and yet happily enjoying that drink and feeling happy and joyful in that atmosphere. Here, note that you don't have to otherwise struggle with the urge to smoke or drink. If the urge you feel is too much have the drink or the smoke but reduce it drastically. Like you may smoke half a cigarrete and throw it away and restrict to fewer drinks. At the same time, do not let the thoughts of craving overpower you. The moment you have the craving think about what I mentioned above. Very soon you will see yourself gaining power and one fine day will come when you are unclutched from that addiction. This can be applied to any addiction. Same way if you feel that you need a better job, focus on what you want. Never focus on what you don't want. Thinking and worrying about how bad your current job is and how irritating certain aspects of your job are, you end up attracting and magnifying your current problems. The more you hate your job the more situations will be created where you will have to hate your job. The Universe, as I mentioned, is innocent. It silently gives you what you ask for. Asking is nothing but thinking and feeling. What you think and feel most of the time will be what your life will look like. So, it is said what you think you are. Same, if you want to attract an ideal partner you need to be thinking and feeling about how your partner would be and start living as though the partner already lives with you. Very important is that you actually be and live in the way you want your life to be. When you do so you are giving the Universe the message that you trust it. Soon you will notice strange co-incidences and changes in your life. Please know that these changes may be good or bad depending on your current situations. You will still have to maintain and continue thinking and feeling what you want. It is exactly similar to a jigsaw puzzle. All the pieces are different incidents, people, situations, etc that are flying around and the whole jigsaw puzzle is YOU. When you remain as the puzzle you are puzzled because all the pieces are moving around in a confusing manner but when you move your conciousness from the puzzle, rise above it all and now look at the jigsaw puzzle from top you will see how beautifully all the pieces are trying to rearrange and fix the jigsaw (YOU) rightly. So do the best, think the best and feel the best and leave the rest!

BUT, BUT, BUT there are some things that you need to be careful of. Now, all these changes that you are attempting to bring into your life is by changing your thoughts and feeling. But what most of the time we fail to notice is our subconcious thoughts and actions and also at times we do not rightly arrange our thoughts and feelings. For example, if one wanted to attract an ideal partner one may think and feel being with such a person all possible time. One may rightly think of a person with all the qualities that one may want but may actually overlook the most important thing. Nature will send such a person to you. A girl may imagine a handome, strong, well-earning, loving person and send out thoughts of wanting a man with all these qualities. What could happen possibly is through some manner such a man will be attracted into this girl's life but this person may be handsome, strong, well to do and loving but may carry a bad character. Then one starts blaming the law of manifestation for bringing a man with a lousy character but if one notices carefully he was the one she asked for. So, one has to be very precise and careful when working with the law of attraction. I had heard about a woman who knew the secret of attraction and was working on attracting millions of dollars and she did receive it one day but it was through her accident insurance after having lost her feet. When I mention these examples of nature's way of working, many get scared and tell me that they don't want to get into trouble. That is fine but what we need to understand is that even without our concious efforts we are still attracting all the time what we think and feel about. So even if you don't want to attract anything special into your life by making a concious attempt it is still better to change the negative pattern of thinking and avoiding negative experiences to be manifesting into you life.

The best and safest way to attract anything that you want is by asking it for the highest good of all, to ask it to come in a healthy and positive manner, in its own perfect time. So if I would need money I would generally ask it to come in a healthy and positive manner, in its own perfect time for the highest good of all. When this happens you are sending out clear messages that the money is not for your selfish needs but also for everyone's good and you look forward for the money to come only in a positive and healthy way. When these phrases and feeling are added to your thoughts things happen in a natural and graceful manner. Please know you have to exhibit the same feeling that you want the result to be. You cannot try to attract a loving partner when deep within you hold grudges against people or hatred against others. You have to be what you want in your life. That is why it is mentioned that your life is a mirror. If you see something bad in others it means that that bad quality exists in you. Keeping a bad quality hidden and trying to attract a good quality is like preaching to your children to speak the truth when you yourself speak lies. Mind it, you will never be successful in conveying this to your children and you will end up creating what you don't want. That is why however hard we try to rear up our children we will always notice in them the real part of us for children absorb the subconcious qualities and the exchange from both sides happens all the time unconciously. Same way, we end up attracting and absorbing things unconciously, without intent and then are frustrated with the way are lives are. Know that we ourselves are responsible in every way for what we are today and for what has happened to us all our lives. But better than focussing on the negatives that would only end up creating more negatities in your life, focus on the opposite, be precise in what you want out of life and start thinking, feeling and living that way and soon you shall have the life you desire. Also, remember that during this process, there may be experiences or incidents that will not make sense to what is happening to you. Know that all is in divine order and all has a meaning to be that way. Only thing is not to take off your focus from what you want your life to be and continue being that way. The best is yet to come, the destination may look impossible to reach but it is all in that first step that you take and the consistent steps you continue with thereafter. Think good for yourself and others and good shall come to you. Stay blessed!

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Manifestation - Part 2

If you have read my previous article on what destiny/fate and freewill is about, this article will give you a clearer picture of manifestation using freewill.

Please know that the moment something clicks within you stating that you have to change for good, the change has already begun. That is the first step that your soul takes towards the change. The rest of the steps depend on various factors. It will be easy or difficult depending on how conditioned you are to your belief systems, societal conditioning, myths, habits, etc. Know that you were not born with all these but as you grew you got accustomed to each and every belief and habits that you now have. If you got conditioned negatively, then please know that you can be conditioned in the opposite way also. For this to happen, you have to use your freewill. This freewill is the greatest gift given in your hand. It is the most powerful tool to navigate through your life. Many never exerise this and leave their lives to the mercy of fate and certainly one is tossed into the journey of life like a dead body is tossed into a river. At the same time when one exercises freewill and makes a will to change, one also sees that there are lot of obstacles that come in. Please also do know that when you trigger that change for a better job, better relationship, better health, etc, you also trigger in lot of changes into the Universe and automatically triggers lots of things in your life. They may seem as hurdles but most of them are not. I will give you my own example. Years back when I was in a job and found that it was not helping me be myself and the job challenged me on compromising my values, I silently wished that I not have to compromise and yet be myself in all ways. I thought things would be okay soon but it turned out to be worse. More problems actually cropped up and everyday turned out to be a battlefield with superiors and co-workers. I had to fight to justify my salary on and often and often felt cheated. I grew more angry and depressed about the way my job turned. Soon I was so frustrated that I gave in my resignation without even thinking what I would do next. I felt that life does not justify even when I was justifying everything.

But little did I know that it was me and only me who triggered all those troubles. For I had intended that my job be peaceful and allow me be myself without compromising my values. I immediately found myself freelancing the same job but from home. Everything fell in place and I could buy a computer, rent a larger home and start working at my own convenience. So, when I observed carefully, I saw that my intentions manifested and what I saw as troubles were not troubles actually but nature trying to push me out of that job to where I intended to be! That is why I always say surrender to the so called problems in life. They all have a meaning. They all are the manifestations of your own intentions, of your own thoughts - thoughts that you constantly send out conciously or subconciously (knowingly or unknowingly). That is why you have to be extra cautious about what you think all the time, for nature does not differentiate with what you think is good or bad for you, it only gives - unconditionally! That is why you see that what you focus on actually happens. If you think all the time that you are not loved, you are not worthwhile, you are good for nothing, you were born to suffer, you are always sick, you are never lucky, etc, etc, etc, think again. You must know that this is bad conditioning. Self-pitying may feel good for a while but the end results are costly. The Universe is watching you every moment and unconditionally delivering what you ask for. It will never differentiate with what is good or bad for you, it just gives! That is how you manifest. That is how you are the master of your own destiny.

The human conditioning that you have is not your fault. Your wrong childhood upbringing is not your fault. What you learnt wrongly from society and the world is not your fault. But knowing that you have these faulty conditioning and you need to re-change the conditioning and not wanting to do it is your fault! You get this knowledge through teachers, experiences, books, videos, internet all the time. Even if you do not have access to all this concience reminds you of this all the time, but one never wants to exerise the freewill and make that change. Excuses are many but know that those excuses are of no use. When one understands that suffering is due to one's own actions, then one will think twice before doing anything wrong. When one understands how one's own thought boomerangs and manifests itself as an outcome to those actions then one will think twice before doing an action. One will only want to do good for one will now know that when one tries to cause harm to another being it is actually the self that will be harmed sooner or later. This is how the cause and effect or law of karma and the law of manifestation work together.

If you want to manifest better outcomes in your life, get going in that direction. If you want peace around be peaceful yourself first. If you want financial abundance give more, take out all the wrong notions about money. Money is not the root cause of evil, it's misuse is. There are such conditioning which we have acquired as we have grown up; like to want money is to be greedy, saving every penny helps, money causes misery. Now look closely at these thoughts or conditioning. How can one attract money when one is indirectly or subconciously not wanting it? Having negative feeds about money and then wanting to acquire more money will never work because there is a conflict hidden in your being, though it might be deeply rooted in your subconcious mind. By not giving money to others or trying to save every penny you are sending out vibrations of being a beggar and then why blame anyone for not being able to make ends meet? Do what attracts. What you give you recieve. Learn not to just stock money, share it with the unfortunate. Be assured that the Universe will take care of all your needs. Do what you have to and money will come. Know that anything that you run after will never be achieved. Go about doing your work and it will follow you. You must have heard that happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it the more it will elude you, the moment you stand still it sits on your shoulders. It is just like a child if you have noticed. If you want to catch a running child never run behind it. It will run away farther and you may risk its fall or running recklessly into dangerous areas. But the moment you turn and walk away, the child follows you. Thats how simple all the principles of life are. That is how simple the art of manifesting is.

The basic and simple rule in manifestation is to believe and feel that you have achieved it. You need to make yourself feel that you are already in that situation and truly and wholly feel about it. It then manifests quickly. Make a mental video of that dream that you long for. Know that however impossible it may seem for you, nothing is impossible for nature. Thousands of years ago if you would have told people that you can sit in one place and watch all the activities happening around the world, they would have laughed at you. If you have mentioned that you could talk to another person in another part of the world without meeting personally you would have been killed for making such a statement. It was more than impossible to even think of such things in those days. Didn't the television and cellphone manifest? You think about anything in the world, all are manifestations of the human mind. Even the greatest of inventions have begun with a single thought. If I tell you today that you and me can communicate without using any gadget, you might probably laugh at me. If I tell you today that one day I will travel in seconds to meet you in person, you might probably want to kill me, but do know that these and much more are for the world to see in the years to come!

So know that power that lies dormant in you. Rise and take action. Make that change in yourself. Leave the world alone. Change yourself first. Leave the world peace where it is and get peaceful yourself first. Leave the egotistical behaviour of your loved ones and watch your own ego. Let alone terrorism and drive the terror out from within you. Manifest all that you wish in the world within yourself first. Once you do that, you actually will be a different person. Nothing will bother you. You will not want to change anyone for now you will have known a secret. The secret that the world is that way because it chose to be that way. Nothing happens without reasons and there is no injustice. Everything happens very justifyingly. But all this you will be only able to see when you actually change and learn to see your own powers. You will see the difference in the world only when you see yourself change. The proof of manifestation is in the change that you will see in you, in all the numerous things that you will now know to manifest for yourself. So, go ahead and manifest for yourself!

I'll be writing more on the pros and cons of manifestations, how to be careful as you may land up getting what you do not want and more... Until next time, stay blessed!

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Manifestation - Part 1

Once during one of my workshop, one person asked me if "I am the master of my own destiny, then what is fate?" I explained that fate is the route map that you are have at the time of birth depending on your past life deeds. It is a carefully automatically prepared map of all the experiences that you are going to face during your lifetime, experiences that are destined to reap according to what deeds you have done in the past. The Universe thus justifies your life map carefully with a plan that is called as fate. However, the Universe just does not leave you at the hands of fate. The Universe also gives you a great opportunity of something called the freewill. 
This freewill is the steering wheel of your life. You will be provided with all the wisdom and opportunities to identify this wheel throughout your life journey in different disguises in the form of parents, teachers, spouse, friends, etc. Once you acquire this wisdom of knowing that you can steer the wheel of your own destiny life ceases to be the same. Complaints and grudges will cease to exist for you will now know that all experiences that are being placed to you are just not coincidences but they are the fruits of the seeds that you once sowed in the past. Instead of reacting to the situations and sowing more negative seeds now you have the wisdom of cutting off from this repeated pattern and steering away your life in a different direction. Here you are free to use your freewill and make wiser decisions and better choices. Once you make up your mind to change for good, things will begin changing around you.

The reins of your life are in your own hands. You are not a victim on this planet. You are not born to suffer. You are not born to doom. You are not living a meaningless life. You are not meant to be used, misused or abused in any form. You are not meant to carry the the so-called burdens of life. You are not meant to experience, suffer and die. You are not born to acquire and amass wealth selfishly. You are not born to rule or dominate over other living beings. You are not meant to work 12 hours a day and sit awake during the sleeping hours. You are not born to toil and sweat it out to be existing on this earth. You are not born only to eat, produce, fall sick and die. You are not meant to create boundaries and create your own worlds within them. You are not born to be unloved and forgotten.

Then what? You think about it. Is this all not what life is about? Most of the people do think that life is just once and why not enjoy doing anything and everything and die one day. But in the due course one ends up doing "anything and everything" forgetting that even the present condition is due to one's such ignorant past. Once this wisdom dawns upon, one pulls the reins of the one's own life and takes complete control over it rather than being driven in a carriage of uncontrolled horses into a life full of uncertaintly and insecurity. Most of the time, this is not realized until old age dawns upon and one ponders what life is all about. When one turns back, it is realized that life was nothing but eating, drinking, and sleeping. Even right now, if you feel you are wandering aimlessly without understanding why life is being unfair, pause and think. It is high time you took responsibility of your own life and direct your own story.

Nothing happens without a reason. If you feel life is unfair know that you have been unfair somewhere or the other due to which you are taking in things in the same form at the present time. Also know that if you continue to treat life with such thoughts you are bound to attract similar incidences into your life. I will be writing more in detail about how you can manifest anything that you desire and how what you are experiencing today is what you have unknowingly attracted into your life. Before that, I would love to bring this thought into you that you are the master of your own destiny. If you do not wish to use the freewill that has been offered to you as a birthright by nature, you will automatically fall into the map that was designed for you with what we called earlier fate. So, it is upto you to surrender to your fate and live a life like a puppet accepting and allowing things to happen to you OR stand up and take control of your own life. If you decide today that you want to change your life for good and that you want to experience all good things in life, you want to grow in every manner, yo

u want abundance of prosperity, health and wealth and live a life full of meaning, then right now make a commitment to yourself. Close your eyes and send out a prayer of whisper to the Universe to guide you rightly. Just do this and know that you have now sent a message out to the Universe and your own life, which for sure will be acknowledged and accepted depending on how purely and strongly you have sent out this intent. Once you have made this intent know that this is the first step to attracting what you want and being the master of your own destiny. I will be coming out with my next article on how to manifest whatever you want in life including better relationships, better health, better finances, better jobs, better circumstances - a better life. Yes, it is possible! So send out that intent as strongly and wholly as possible and watch out my next article coming soon. Until then stay blessed!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

A stay in an ashram - 1

Reader's discretion advised: This article was written to share my personal experience with yet another guru at one point in my life. Every bit of it is written with honesty and there is no exagerration of anything in here. If you feel this topic or article is something related to imaginations, hallucinations, co-incidences, etc then there may be nothing to gain in here but it still may help amuse you for a while. I never have supported or preached about any one religion or rituals but I strongly believe everything is ONE power and thus religion, ritual, place of worship does not create any sort of boundaries in my exposure to witnessing the divinity in everything around.

Our purpose: On February 21, 2009, four of us, Suresh Potdar, Shashikant, KP and myself let ourself out on a journey to Sogal Somnath, a place about 75 kms (about 2-1/2 hour journey) from where we stay. Sogal Somnath is a famous place and is flocked by many bhakths (devotees), lovers, and tourists. Bhakths come here because there is a temple here devoted to Shiva and Parvati. Lovers come here because the belief is that Shiva and Parvati wedded here and also because of the romantic natural setting. Tourists because of its cool climate and the high altitude that this temple and forest is. We four were none of the above three categories. We all had visited this place many times before, mostly as picnic spots but this time we all four had one common reason to come here. It was to meet Mohan Swamy who runs an ashram situated on the same hill. The ashram is situated on top of the rock-mountain carefully paved for the comfort of its visitors. In the ashram is the Sajeeva Samadhi place of two not-famous yogis – Maathanand swamy and Narayanamma. At the highest point of the hill is the cave where Maathanand swamy did his tapas (austerity) before his enlightenment.
How it began: Now, Potdarji had met once few months back Mohan Swamy who ran this ashram and he had invited him to his ashram to learn the kriya that he practices. When Potdarji mentioned this to me, I was immediately interested. KP and Shashikant at the same time were decided to visit this place and when I told them about this ashram and the invitation, we decided to go and visit there.
Why it began: We all left Belgaum at about 3:30 p.m. on February 21, 2009. Before this journey began I, as usual, never wanted to expect anything from this trip and told myself that I would to open to whatever the Universe is going to manifest unto me with this trip. As all my previous trips I never understood why the trip happened until I found out the meaning of it as days went by. This time too, the experience was great and I was overjoyed to see, witness, experience, learn a lot of things and also unwind the meaning of the trip.
The beginning: We reached Sogal at 5:30 p.m. the same even (that was a 2-hour break journey). As soon as we reached, we had some tea and snacks and made our way uphill climbing the stony path. The hills here were very stony. We reached the temple and did not stop to look around (we had been here many times before) but made our way further uphill to the ashram. On reaching the ashram, we walked up to a temple and also noticed the Samadhi temple of Maathanand swamy. Two little cute puppies greeted us. They both were just adorable.

Mohan Swamy: I looked around curiously to see Mohan Swamy and heard Mr. Potdar asking one of his disciples about him, who said that he would come there shortly. As I was taking out the fruits that we brought to offer him, his disciple Prakash said Swamiji is coming. As I looked out, I saw a tall, bearded man in robust health, walking up the steps to the temple towards us. He walked sturdily wearing only a saffron lungi (cloth covering below the waist). He had scarce long hair that curled on his shoulders with a back and grey colored moustache and beard. He walked towards us calmly and looked at us with a smile. Mr. Potdar offered the fruits and we all bowed and touched his feet (a sign of greeting, respect and taking blessings from a holy person). I must admit that I was observing this person and testing him in all ways but at the same time being open and non-judgemental about him. I had read about Swami Rama once saying that a seeker must test his guru by all means. (This test is widely misunderstood as being judgemental because testing and judging both have a huge difference. Testing is observing but at the same time being open knowing that if a guru is true one can drink all the knowledge and take his guidance or blessings and if a guru is not true then one just needs to move on without being judgemental. This is not in any writing but my own strong feeling). So, my mind automatically began testing by watching his every move, words and actions. This was not in any way planned but my testing existed only for a few moments. My vibes did match with him as I saw him just being normal and not moved or excited about anything with out meeting. He asked us to wash our hands and legs and come in for tea. I was a bit embarrassed because the fruits that we gave him were little damaged during our travel in bus and this was noticed while we handed it over to him. We soon washed ourselves quickly at the tap that was situated outside his small cottage.
We entered the small room that few cloth sheets laid on the floor that indicated was for us. We sat and soon tea and bhandang (made of puffed rice with some chilly powder). It tasted a little old but I could see Swamiji’s love in it. He sat right in front of us and he had his share too with tea. The fruits that we offered we cut and shared with us. I sheepishly told him about the damage caused to the fruits but he never reacted and just said “is it?” He spoke in Kannada and we knew that he also knew Malayalam (my mother tongue) He casually asked us that we were supposed to be there at 5:30 p.m. as per our call to him the previous day on phone. He also told us that we didn’t call him today before coming and Mr. Potdar told him we did not want to disturb him. I was knowing keenly that Swamiji had been waiting for us eagerly, which he never ever showed (but it was revealed!) He was loveable as he served us more tea and asked briefly about us all. He was soft in his speech and his flow of speech was at one pace, not egotistically exaggerated or less in any manner. He never looked like he was running that ashram. His disciples served us earnestly with dedication. What a perfect example of treating guests as God. I had only read about it till now. Though he had disciples around, Swamiji never hesitated to get up and offer us more tea himself. I looked all around in the house and there was a broken cot, two almost-broken cupboards, a few chairs, some vegetables and on the wall were garlanded photos of Swami Maathananda.

After tea, Swamiji he took us to the Krishi Kendra (an outfit built by the Government for farmers) and this is where he asked us to keep our belongings. He then gently told us that we could sleep wherever we wanted, either here or outside. As we changed our clothes, he waited for us patiently there and then sat down on a carpet. There was a carpet laid before where he sat and we all sat in front of him. There was no account of any time or happening because I had switched off my mobile which also had the clock in it. Swamiji then began talking to us and asked Mr. Potdar what he had learnt and what he practices to which he answered about the Sudharshan Kriya to which Swamiji explained meaning of that kriya and the meaning of the word Sudharshan. “Su” meant the world and “darshan” means seeing, which means seeing the world its pure form. He spoke about Krishna’s symbolic sudharshan chakra (spinning wheel in his finger) and mentioned how it indicated about capturing the world with love. He spoke about unconditional love. I noticed that Swamiji spoke in Kannda, few words in Hindi and astonishingly few good words in English and this was just to make sure that we understood the words in the right and exact way without being misinterpreted as most of the time it is by many people. He then told us the importance of breath and about maintaining the breath at a normal 12 times (in and out) per minute. He spoke of the advantages of maintaining a normal good health at all times by being aware of our breathing. He told us how the entire range of diseases sprout from irregular breathing and stress. He further mentioned that diseases are 75% mental and 25% due to other factors like wrong food, germs, accidents, lack of care, etc. Thus he emphasized that most risk of diseases can be curbed by having the right knowledge of breathing. He demonstrated to us how the cycle of breath happens unconsciously and how we can consciously also bring about the same natural rate of breath as in sleep. He emphasized that the breathing during our waking hours should be within and not exactly the breathing of air in and out of the nostrils or mouth. He demonstrated this and when we tried it was astounding to note that when this kriya is done there is hardly any exhalation of air from the nostrils felt. He said with practice this becomes more thinner. He demonstrated this a few times. He told us that the breath gets thin and it moves up and down from the chest area to the nostril area (not from one organ to the other but moves vertically up and down along the spinal cord. I asked him if he was mentioning about the Sushumna nadi to which he agreed to and said that this sushumna nadi gets purified with this technique. I was very well read that it is the kundalini shakti that travels from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the sahasrara chakra on the top of the crown of the head and finally leaves out of the body to merge with the Consciousness and this is what is nirvana is about. He told us the same I was aptly connected to every word he spoke. I remained hooked on to him for all the rest of the words he spoke ranging from the kriya to daily life mundanes to Ayurvedic medicines and nature cure. Swamiji is a bundle of knowledge when it comes to this. We asked him questions about various ailments and he had the cure of it. He frequently paused in between and touched his closed eyes with his fingers as though pondering over something. I was watching and admiring him all the while in his simplicity and total lack of ego in any form. Though we interrupted in between, spoke about our own stories, completed his unfinished sentences, there never showed even one single second of unpleasantness on him in any form. He nodded with what we said, laughed with us, agreed to everything that we said and waited patiently for us to complete whatever we had to say. God! This man was divine! All my life, I have only read about such people and today I meet one! There was an unique calmness in all that he did and whenever he spoke. There were no reactions to any external action or speech. He remained undisturbed. Though we came to listen to him and have an opportunity to serve him, here he was listening to us, serving us, feeding us and accepting each one of us as we are. There was a innocent child-like behavior in him; he moved his head and attention towards the one who spoke with him and answered everything softly and lovingly as though an obedient child answers its parents. He laughed heartily at times to small humorous statements that we made or he himself made. At first I had wondered whether he knew anything or not because of the pauses that he made and his low voice and slow explanations but soon I realized the greatness in him or being totally unattached to his surrounding and being in his inner Being at all times. There was that strange silence in him, within him. All so divine but if anybody had to look at him he just looked like just another saffron-clothed sadhu. Soon, somebody called from outside for food and inviting us to have food he quietly got up and moved as though nothing. We followed him to his cottage in a short while. We then sat in his little home as his disciples were busy serving us with brown rice, pickles, vegetables and dal (curry). Also, was served the pieces of the fruits that we had offered him. We began having our food and very soon realized that it was spicy (and very spicy to me!). I raised my head and looked at him and found him quietly relishing the food. I looked at the other three with me and found that the rate of their intake was slowly decreasing due to the spicy and no-so-tasty food. I still had half of my plate full of rice and did not know what to do. Swamiji was very observant of all this and said “The food is spicy, right?” I immediately answered yes. He said it was this day that the spice was more. I thought that he would mention this to the one who cooked the food, but never did he mention a word about the food again and continue eating. I am sure that even the sentence that he asked us about the food was not heard by any of his attendants. I admired him again. I slowly asked KP who was besides me if I give the rest of the food in my plate to the pups outside but then told him that I am hesitant as it would be an insult to Swamiji who was treating his guests so beautifully. KP told me to think and take the step. I didn’t know what to do and immediately told in mind to Baba Nityananda to help me consume the food. Saying so, I began eating it hurriedly and within few minutes my plate was empty! I never could imagine eating all that hot spicy food! We then picked our plates, went out and washed it and kept them back in his cottage. He asked us to go take rest in the hall provided to us and told us that there will be no supply of electricity for an hour or so. So, we thought we must return back before it was pitch dark and we knew that it was a jungle around. We came to the room, I plugged in my camera battery for charging and then we four laid the carpet in such a manner that we could all lie down on it together. As we were settling down the electricity went off and the room was pitch dark. Soon a storm of mosquitoes barged and there were different tunes of different intensities buzzing around our ears. KP came to our rescue by taking out the Odomos mosquito repellant and offering it to us. We helplessly applied that lotion to our hands and feet. When we put on the little pen torch or put on the mobile light there were mosquitoes buzzing around it. We thought that the repellant should work but mosquitoes continued buzzing around us though they never touched the skin. I and Shashikant thought of going out with the pen torch as we all the time wanted to know how the natural jungle looks at night. I always wondered how the great yogis lived alone in such jungles. When I and Shashikant came out, it was the most beautiful sight we had ever seen – the stars. The whole sky was fully lit with numerous glittering, bright stars and there did not seem to be enough space between these stars. We have all seen stars but this sight was much beautiful. I knew it was because there were no city lights anywhere around that could dim any of the farthest star too. We called out KP and Mr. Potdar too and they too enjoyed the sight. I tried shooting this on my digi cam but it was just not possible. Just then, we saw a torch light approaching us and we knew it was Swamiji. He came there and stood with us looking at the stars. He laughed and enjoyed as we spoke and said that we are loving it because we have never been out in wilderness this way because and that these natural beauties were common to them. Saying so, he went in and we were busy taking pictures of us in that darkness. The photos came out clear due to the strong flash. I hesitatingly called Swamiji for a photograph and he immediately came and sat with us on the steps. KP took the snap and said it came out good. Swamiji sounded pleased that it has come good but in contrast to my expectation he just had a glimpse of the pic we showed him on the digital camera but did not look any further keen though he looked pleased at the capture. (I admit I did not want to put up this skinny snap of mine but had no option since I could not run in to pull on my shirt and if I did I could miss this snap with him :) So putting up this only pic captured that night with him). He observed all that we did silently and then went in. We all then got in and lied down to sleep. Mr. Potdar had cough throughout the night due throat irritation. Due to the change in place, whole night everybody was tossing and turning. I could sleep only after 2 a.m. I observed another mysterious thing. The previous night when Swamiji was in the room I had mentioned of mosquitoes and Swamiji had told “There are no mosquitoes here”. But, when we were in the room there were so many mosquitoes, to which me and KP had commented that Swamiji had told that there were no mosquitoes when there were so many here. These mosquitoes had vanished after Swamiji was in the room. Thus what he said was right according to him that there were no mosquitoes. Now, if he had told that to keep mosquitoes away or he said that because he did not know that mosquitoes were not around where he was, is still a mystery.

A stay in an ashram - 2

Next morning, we all got up, late, at around 7 a.m. Swamiji was not around and it was obvious that he must have gone early because he gets up as early as 3 a.m. to do his meditation. Mr. Potdar told me that he observed Swamiji leaving the room around 4 a.m. and carefully closed the door behind as he left so as to not disturb us. When we getting up and opening our eyes, Swamiji entered the room and asked us to get ready and have breakfast. When we went to his cottage, he asked us to go about our morning chores and it slowly unfolded to us that they never used toilets and everything was natural and so was this task. We all pondered over and discussed over this issue and finally decided that we would rather walk down the hill and use the paid toilets there than be out in nature. We had to take our bath too and this we decided we would under the natural falls near the temple. It was a natural fall of about 30 feet that fell on the stony ground and people preferred to have a bath under this waterfall; it was known for its freshness and healing too. We went downhill, had tea and then after the morning chores and some snaps on the beautiful hill, we took a bath under the waterfall. Then we hurried to our room and we got ready quickly and went to the cottage where Swamiji was sitting waiting for us. As soon as we entered breakfast of upma and banana was served to us along with me. Swamiji, as his usual gesture of signalling us to begin, began having breakfast. He looked at me and smilingly said, “Upma and pazzam” which means upma and banana in Malayalam. I laughed and acknowledged his saying to which he laughed. We then washed our utensils and kept it back. Then Swamiji took us to the farm and showed us some medicinal plants. He plucked out a few tender plants and told us that its leaves had the power to crush kidney stones and it could flush out stones within 2-3 days. He gave us the plant to be planted and given to those who need it. He also revealed to us that urologists from Belgaum have also met him for this plant and for the cure of kidney stones. This plant he told us that he had got from Kerala. He then asked us to go visit the Samadhi shrine of Maathanand and the caves in which he meditated. There was another old sanyasi who was staying at that time with Swamiji who was called by all as “ajja” meaning grandfather. He wore just a thin cloth around his waist and had a half-bald with fully gray moustache and beard that revealed his age. He took us around to the Samadhi shrine joyfully singing songs and being in great vibrant energy. Though he did not look highly advanced spiritually, his chants and divine songs did. He was more of ritualistic. I sat down in front of the shrine for a few moment and then we continued going up the stony steps to the cave on the hilltop. The cave where Maathanandji meditated before taking Samadhi was beautiful and was cool and had those calm energies in there. We all meditated for a while, relaxed for a while and then left back. When we reached the temple area Swamiji was not around and we just lazed around for a while. The energies were too soothing, calm and peaceful. There was so much of serenity everywhere. So wonderful it felt to be there. I was busy with only two things in there, one is enjoying the peace and energies there all the time and the other was observing and admiring Swamiji all the time. He told us to look within and everything would be found. He mentioned that people leave everything and go in search of God, which in fact is not necesaary and one needs to go within where everything is found. He pointed out to the open door and said, “That is outside and this is inside where we are. If we have to look within the house we can see everything in the house and if we have to see the outside we have to move to infinite space to see everything which is impossible.” So beautiful example this was!

I am sure that Swamiji knew that I was observing him. I say so because I experienced this twice or thrice. Twice, when someone came to fall at his feet, I used to look at how he reacted to someone falling at his feet. Both these times, no moment they touched his feet he would in a second flash his look on me and I would pull away my glance at him. Many times when I used to observe him eating he would glance at that very moment at me and I would pull my sight off of him. I somehow had a feeling that he was reading everyone all the time. Though he knew we had come to learn something from him, he never asked us to do anything or stick to any timing or never initiated to teach us anything until we approached him. We had to request him to brush us up with his technique before we left as we were scheduled to leave in a few hours after lunch. In fact, when we asked him what next he told that we can have food and leave by 3 p.m. It also seemed to me like he was not very enthusiastic to teach us anything special. I guess it was because he knew what we had to get and I am sure if he would have felt that he had to impart us more he would have certainly done so. I do not really know why he withheld it. It looked as if he just knew that simple breathing method and nothing else. To the logic mind it seemed as if he was just passing his days there, but my soul refused this all the time. I knew there was something special in him. In fact, his ego was so absent that he did not even talk about his practice, his experiences, or anything on his own that would have made him feel superior. He was humble all the time. When I asked him when he had come to that place, after a moment of pause and thought he calmly said he had come there when he was 21 years old! Now, he seemed to be in his mid-50s. About 30 years in that isolated place! It was impossible for me to believe that he lived without any experiences or methods which was lively visible in his physical and mental health. He never asked us our names too!
We asked him to refresh us with the knowledge he had imparted. I repeat, we “asked” him not requested him and he readily agreed to. We then walked to the room and we sat in front of him. He began demonstrating the kriya once again to us and at the same time answered many of our questions. I asked him how does one overcome the obstacles that come in our day to day life of spiritual practice. He answered, “Obstacles are bound to come. Face it and allow it to happen. During our spiritual practice we are striving for nothing but to overcome the obstacles and then why be worried when obstacles come?” He advised continue doing sadhana persistently and all the obstacles would fade away on its own. He told us that we need to not only use this as a technique but be doing this breathing all the time being consciously aware of it and then every moment becomes meditation. He said that people at any given moment of work do two things. One is the task at their hand and the other is constant thinking. He suggested that with work let the mind consciously focus on the breathing instead of the thought. If one can multitask by thinking various thoughts while working why not multitask conscious breathing with work? He then spoke about anger and how it causes trouble in most of our lives. He told us that by constantly doing this technique one could conquer all negative forces like anger, greed, lust, etc. He explained how the mind functions through the five senses of taste, smell, touch, hearing and seeing and how we can transcend and conquer these five senses. He further explained that these mind that seeks fulfillment through these senses are always temporary and the senses never are contended or fulfilled and it is wise to transcend beyond the senses. He tipped us to wear clothing that was very light during the hours we spend at home, especially during sadhana. “Swamiji,” I asked “how does one know whether one is growing spiritually?” He immediately said, “It is possible to know. When you see yourself having control over your speech, control over your anger and other senses easily then you will know you are growing. There will be stage where you will see things beyond these things.” I asked “What is the next stage that happens?” He said, “One loses interest in material things and crowd and prefer solitude. One will prefer to be in a blissful meditative state and things like hunger also will not affect. One will long to merge with that divine blissful state.” Sashikant then asked him about significance of dreams and one such incident in his like, which Swamiji spontaneously explained to him. He told that one can transcend beyond the dream state too. He went on to say that there are three states of mind – awake state, sleep state and dream state. I asked him about the fourth state – the turiya state, which is the state that happens during meditation and it occurs naturally during few hours of deep sleep too. To this he immediately nodded and said there was the fifth state too (which I don’t remember as to what that word was) which he called it as the state which is the final moksha state or nirvana (merging with Consciousness). As he was mentioning all this, I was very well imagining and could get it crystal clear what he was trying to say. I acknowledged that I understood what he had to say and he was happy he did not have to stress anything further. He then went ahead to say that energy was precious and one needs to conserve it. It is even lost by speech and that is why great yogis hardly speak anything because they know even speaking is waste of energy. He said that nobody is perfect but one should strive towards it. He also mentioned very quickly “If we had achieved it we would not be speaking so much” and then there was a knock outside and one of the attendants told us that food there was a “mangalaarthi” (a puja) and Swamiji with no reaction of any sort got up and politely told us that there was mangalaarthi. I pondered over his last words where he said no one had achieved it otherwise we would not be speaking so much and in these words he had humbly pointed out to himself too saying that he was not perfect. I adored that quality in a sage who having lived as a renunciate all his life. His life is a mystery to me which I would someday want to know about. We then went into the cottage where we found that ajja (the old sanyasi) was going to perform this puja. I have never been interested in rituals of any form or of any religion but since Swamiji was there I had to be a part of it. Neither resisting nor being excited I joined in the puja. Before that ajja wanted to apply vibhuti to everyone’s forehead, to which Swamiji said, “Apply if you want it to be applied.” I told Swamiji it is okay with me and since I had a Christian background I never knew about the said “procedures” and Swamiji assured me it is okay if I did not want to apply. It was clearly evident that he did not get stuck with rituals too. I remembered him telling us a few hours back in the room how photos of Hindu gods are depicted with various weapons, forms, poses, etc and how all that was tried to be depicted there was the symbolic meaning of those props and had nothing to do with it being looked at in its actual presentation, which is what people mistake it to be. He had also mentioned about people who try to recite mantras for a certain amount of time or recite them in sets without actually meaning them and how it never would work. Knowing this I knew very well that Swamiji was far away from all these things and was a real spiritual yogi. When ajja asked him about applying vibhuthi on Swamiji’s forehead, he said laughingly, “Apply if you wish so.” As ajja sang song and the puja was performed we all stood there with it. After a long set of lyrical song, ajja stopped and asked Swamiji “Is this enough or do I sing another set” to which Swamiji replied “It is enough but it is as per your wish” to which ajja started singing another set. It was cute to observe Swamiji saying that to him not encouraging nor discouraging but at the same time participating in everything that happened around him and in everything that people wanted him to do. After the puja Swamiji asked us to have food and we all sat down together. This time there was shira (a sweet dish) with food and this time I was careful to take only how much I felt my stomach could take in. Swamiji again reminded me to take milk and ghee for a month or so and it would cure my lactose intolerance. After the food, we washed up as usual and this time as I kept my plate Swamiji looked at me and said, “Jesus Christ also once said that whenever he spoke something he felt that something was leaving him. This is the energy he was speaking about.” Swamiji told me this while I was keeping my plate and leaving. At this opportunity I immediately sat in front of him and also with me sat Shashi. I simply kept nodding smilingly, not wanting to search for any evidence of what he was saying. He said that energy is wasted by speaking too. This was actually a closure of the sentences which he perhaps felt was left incomplete by the knock on the door by the attendant. Shashi then told Swamiji that I conduct meditation classes in the city and I added that I do for a different class of people who need it as a measure of good health and relaxation, more than spirituality. To this, Swamiji asked me where do I do it and I mentioned a few places I have done it. I told him that I only teach the basics and it was only for people to help reduce stress and aid in good health and it has never been a spiritual training to anyone and he said, “It is a very good job that you are doing.” Though that was the only statement he made he looked happy. I told him that my being from a Christian background people look at me in a total different way and I am still tagged on terms of religion. I mentioned that people do not understand the basic spiritual essence irrespective of the religion. I mentioned to him that many people did not understand the strength of my practice until my own people saw me standing sound and strong during many major crises that rocked my life and it was only after then the opposition at home settled down and now they understand whatever I am doing I am doing only the right thing. To this Swamiji happily nodded. It was around 2:45 and I was feeling bad that we had to leave. We had to catch a bus back. Swamiji told us that there are two busses that leave between 3 and 3:30 p.m. and after that there was a bus at 5:30 p.m. I wanted to stay back for those two hours too but since all had already decided to take the 3:30 bus I knew I had to be going. We both then got up and I told Swamiji that we would back after picking our bags. Saying this I fell at his feet and took his blessings. As I got up with folded hands I said “Thank you for everything” to which he just smiled. As I turned to come out of the hut, a sudden emotional wave took over me and tears rushed to my eyes. I felt as though I was leaving someone whom I had known for years. I held back my feelings and walked back to the room where Mr. Potdar and KP were getting ready. Then the four of us quickly packed and hurried back to the cottage where Swamiji came out. Taking his final blessings, we four took leave of him. I don’t know why it felt so bad and it was like I was seeing off someone dear. I held back my emotions once again. We then walked back all the way to the temple stalls where Shashi purchased some things for his family. Soon we were at the bus stand. We got a village taxi cab ride till Bailhongal. All the way the whole taxi was full of people, as many as 24 passengers stuffed into a vehicle meant for around 14 people. It was a bumpy ride with chaotic village talk and children yelling with loud local village music being played as the driver rhythmically tapped his fingers on the steering wheel. Fortunately, the next row after the driver’s seat was a 4-seater place and we four were exactly fit in. thus, we were saved from the misery of the crowd that was jammed in the rear part and the driver’s row of the vehicle.
Another very astonishing happening that we talked about throughout our trip was the ready plan of the divine to comfortably take us to this destination and back. It was as though some power had planned everything well for us. I still wonder if it was Swamiji. Now, I am not exaggerating even an inch of what I am mentioning. The previous day before leaving our homes Mr. Potdar was supposed to pick me up on his bike and go to the bustand. We planned to park the bike there and take a bus. KP and Shashikant were supposed to come directly to the bus stand. Mr. Potdar reached my place at 2:50 p.m. and gave me a call. I took my bag and went to him. Just as I reached him an auto guy pulled up right there near the gate and I asked Mr. Potdar to park his bike there itself and we will take the auto. We boarded the auto and on the way picked up fruits to offer Swamiji. As we were nearing the bus stand KP gave a call and said that they were already seated in the bus going to Bailhongal and to come soon. As we reached the bus stand and got out of the auto, the bus was ready to leave with Shashikant standing waving at us at the bus door. We got into the bus and the bus left. I made this observation but did not take it seriously. We reached Bailhongal and we had to take another bus from there to our destination. We got down from the bus and walked a few steps and there was a bus ready to leave to Sogal. We got into it and in a few minutes the bus left. When we got down at Sogal I made a mention of this “ready and timely arrangement” of conveyance for us to Mr. Potdar and we laughed at it. In the same way, now, after taking leave from Swamiji we came down to the bus stand got into a small hotel for tea, when we saw this taxi cab pull up and the driver said he was leaving immediately. We thought that we could have tea in Bailhongal and got into it. In the taxi, we saw the bus that we were supposed to take crossing us at about 4 p.m., which meant that if we had to not take this taxi we would have had to wait half hour or more. I again thought about the timely entry of this taxi and told Mr. Potdar about it. Now, at the Bailhongal bus stand we got off the taxi and walked towards the canteen within the bus stand. As we moved towards it, a bus pulled up exactly in front of that canteen which had the board “Belgaum” which was our destination back to home! We asked the conductor and she said we could have our tea and it would leave in a few minutes. Even the tea time was arranged for us. As soon as we had the tea, we got in and the bus moved. I put on the ipod listening to some wonderful music and in a little more than an hour we reached Belgaum. As I got down I exclaimed to Mr. Potdar with a handshake, “Khudah ne poore bandobasth ke saath hume ghoomaya aur wapas pahuchaaya” which means God fully arranged for our trip and reached us back. Remembering each and every timely arrangement of travel we walked out of the bus stand for tea. The last bit of surprise was yet to come when we after having tea, walked out of the hotel and an auto guy pulled up right in front of us! Me and Mr. Potdar got into it and laughing heartedly over what everyone sees as “co-incidence reached my place at around 6 p.m. from where Mr. Potdar went home on his bike. I came back home and made a mention of this miracle excitedly to my mom. The surprises did not end here. I took a bath, brought some lozenges to soothe my irritated throat and sat down with the book “The Endless One” of Baba Nityananda that I had left incomplete. I opened the page where I had bookmarked and continued reading and was shocked! Three points I read were exactly the same what Swamiji and shared with!
  1. About the Sushumna nadi and the kundalini awakening.
  2. About the seeing of internal and external world (seeing within and outside).
  3. Lastly, the kriya that Swamiji taught us was itself mentioned in the book.
I have been reading this book for about two months now bit by bit and never before I had come across the points mentioned above. I was awestruck about the "co-incidence" that these pages had to give me right after my experience with guruji. I knew very well that all these had deep hidden meaning but I couldn’t wait to share this with Mr. Potdar and KP and so immediately called them and told them of my experiences.
This trip and my encounter with Swamiji taught me so many things. It was a divine experience. I left with no expectation and returned with so many surprises! Certainly a lot of things seemed to unfold. With due respect to all divine masters and all their invisible strong support I bow to divinity in everything that keeps teaching us and helping our souls evolve.

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