Thursday, March 12, 2009

Manifestation - Part 2

If you have read my previous article on what destiny/fate and freewill is about, this article will give you a clearer picture of manifestation using freewill.

Please know that the moment something clicks within you stating that you have to change for good, the change has already begun. That is the first step that your soul takes towards the change. The rest of the steps depend on various factors. It will be easy or difficult depending on how conditioned you are to your belief systems, societal conditioning, myths, habits, etc. Know that you were not born with all these but as you grew you got accustomed to each and every belief and habits that you now have. If you got conditioned negatively, then please know that you can be conditioned in the opposite way also. For this to happen, you have to use your freewill. This freewill is the greatest gift given in your hand. It is the most powerful tool to navigate through your life. Many never exerise this and leave their lives to the mercy of fate and certainly one is tossed into the journey of life like a dead body is tossed into a river. At the same time when one exercises freewill and makes a will to change, one also sees that there are lot of obstacles that come in. Please also do know that when you trigger that change for a better job, better relationship, better health, etc, you also trigger in lot of changes into the Universe and automatically triggers lots of things in your life. They may seem as hurdles but most of them are not. I will give you my own example. Years back when I was in a job and found that it was not helping me be myself and the job challenged me on compromising my values, I silently wished that I not have to compromise and yet be myself in all ways. I thought things would be okay soon but it turned out to be worse. More problems actually cropped up and everyday turned out to be a battlefield with superiors and co-workers. I had to fight to justify my salary on and often and often felt cheated. I grew more angry and depressed about the way my job turned. Soon I was so frustrated that I gave in my resignation without even thinking what I would do next. I felt that life does not justify even when I was justifying everything.

But little did I know that it was me and only me who triggered all those troubles. For I had intended that my job be peaceful and allow me be myself without compromising my values. I immediately found myself freelancing the same job but from home. Everything fell in place and I could buy a computer, rent a larger home and start working at my own convenience. So, when I observed carefully, I saw that my intentions manifested and what I saw as troubles were not troubles actually but nature trying to push me out of that job to where I intended to be! That is why I always say surrender to the so called problems in life. They all have a meaning. They all are the manifestations of your own intentions, of your own thoughts - thoughts that you constantly send out conciously or subconciously (knowingly or unknowingly). That is why you have to be extra cautious about what you think all the time, for nature does not differentiate with what you think is good or bad for you, it only gives - unconditionally! That is why you see that what you focus on actually happens. If you think all the time that you are not loved, you are not worthwhile, you are good for nothing, you were born to suffer, you are always sick, you are never lucky, etc, etc, etc, think again. You must know that this is bad conditioning. Self-pitying may feel good for a while but the end results are costly. The Universe is watching you every moment and unconditionally delivering what you ask for. It will never differentiate with what is good or bad for you, it just gives! That is how you manifest. That is how you are the master of your own destiny.

The human conditioning that you have is not your fault. Your wrong childhood upbringing is not your fault. What you learnt wrongly from society and the world is not your fault. But knowing that you have these faulty conditioning and you need to re-change the conditioning and not wanting to do it is your fault! You get this knowledge through teachers, experiences, books, videos, internet all the time. Even if you do not have access to all this concience reminds you of this all the time, but one never wants to exerise the freewill and make that change. Excuses are many but know that those excuses are of no use. When one understands that suffering is due to one's own actions, then one will think twice before doing anything wrong. When one understands how one's own thought boomerangs and manifests itself as an outcome to those actions then one will think twice before doing an action. One will only want to do good for one will now know that when one tries to cause harm to another being it is actually the self that will be harmed sooner or later. This is how the cause and effect or law of karma and the law of manifestation work together.

If you want to manifest better outcomes in your life, get going in that direction. If you want peace around be peaceful yourself first. If you want financial abundance give more, take out all the wrong notions about money. Money is not the root cause of evil, it's misuse is. There are such conditioning which we have acquired as we have grown up; like to want money is to be greedy, saving every penny helps, money causes misery. Now look closely at these thoughts or conditioning. How can one attract money when one is indirectly or subconciously not wanting it? Having negative feeds about money and then wanting to acquire more money will never work because there is a conflict hidden in your being, though it might be deeply rooted in your subconcious mind. By not giving money to others or trying to save every penny you are sending out vibrations of being a beggar and then why blame anyone for not being able to make ends meet? Do what attracts. What you give you recieve. Learn not to just stock money, share it with the unfortunate. Be assured that the Universe will take care of all your needs. Do what you have to and money will come. Know that anything that you run after will never be achieved. Go about doing your work and it will follow you. You must have heard that happiness is like a butterfly, the more you chase it the more it will elude you, the moment you stand still it sits on your shoulders. It is just like a child if you have noticed. If you want to catch a running child never run behind it. It will run away farther and you may risk its fall or running recklessly into dangerous areas. But the moment you turn and walk away, the child follows you. Thats how simple all the principles of life are. That is how simple the art of manifesting is.

The basic and simple rule in manifestation is to believe and feel that you have achieved it. You need to make yourself feel that you are already in that situation and truly and wholly feel about it. It then manifests quickly. Make a mental video of that dream that you long for. Know that however impossible it may seem for you, nothing is impossible for nature. Thousands of years ago if you would have told people that you can sit in one place and watch all the activities happening around the world, they would have laughed at you. If you have mentioned that you could talk to another person in another part of the world without meeting personally you would have been killed for making such a statement. It was more than impossible to even think of such things in those days. Didn't the television and cellphone manifest? You think about anything in the world, all are manifestations of the human mind. Even the greatest of inventions have begun with a single thought. If I tell you today that you and me can communicate without using any gadget, you might probably laugh at me. If I tell you today that one day I will travel in seconds to meet you in person, you might probably want to kill me, but do know that these and much more are for the world to see in the years to come!

So know that power that lies dormant in you. Rise and take action. Make that change in yourself. Leave the world alone. Change yourself first. Leave the world peace where it is and get peaceful yourself first. Leave the egotistical behaviour of your loved ones and watch your own ego. Let alone terrorism and drive the terror out from within you. Manifest all that you wish in the world within yourself first. Once you do that, you actually will be a different person. Nothing will bother you. You will not want to change anyone for now you will have known a secret. The secret that the world is that way because it chose to be that way. Nothing happens without reasons and there is no injustice. Everything happens very justifyingly. But all this you will be only able to see when you actually change and learn to see your own powers. You will see the difference in the world only when you see yourself change. The proof of manifestation is in the change that you will see in you, in all the numerous things that you will now know to manifest for yourself. So, go ahead and manifest for yourself!

I'll be writing more on the pros and cons of manifestations, how to be careful as you may land up getting what you do not want and more... Until next time, stay blessed!

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  1. I once read a story about fate and freewill!

    it goes something like this...

    A person asked a guru if every thing in life is fate or freewill!
    Guru answered 'its fate'
    "And how is that?" asked the person(i ll say disciple)
    Guru told him that tomorrow he ll be eating payasam

    The disciple wanted to challange it and decided he ll prove it wrong..

    he went to a jungle , selected a tree and hid among the branches and leaves...
    it happened that a marriage processin passed through under this very tree and stopped to rest thru night.
    By some co-incidence they also cooked payasam for dinner..a that very time a group of dacoits came and every one flew away..after looting they also say very tasty meal prepared and thought to eat it ..but the leader suspected that the 'barati' might have mixed poison in the food before escaping ..this poor fellow in the tree was found and brought before the Sardar..and he was very scared ..and said i ll eat anything but not the payasam ...finally he was fed the payasam forcefully his story wasnt to believed..

    So where does the freewill come in??
    freewill comes as to how he chose to have the payasam, if he had given up to the fate he could have enjoyed a good dinner with his family , in comfort of his house, rather than spending a night at forest and getting bullied by the dacoits!


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