Saturday, December 13, 2008

The third eye view

The third eye concept.. this is something that has always been a part of my thoughts as I grew up. I always encourge to see beyond your two physical eyes. Everything that we look we use our two eyes to absorb and send messages to the brain that in turns decides on what we have seen and frames out outlook or perspection on what we have seen. This perspection or decision about the outlook that the brain makes highly depends on lot of factors. It depends on who you are. Who you are is the sum total of all thoughts and experiences throughout all your lifetimes. This is why what one mind percieves can be totally opposite to what another mind percieves. Just like looking at a half glass of water as "half empty" and "half full" by two different people, the fact is that both are right but viewed as total opposites by two people. The one who sees half empty are the ones who constantly see emptiness in themselves and others and the one who sees half full is the one who sees fullness in self and others. Now, it is interesting to note that both views are very spontaneous and does not require lot of logic thinking. This spontaneity comes from the subconcious mind or the soul where all samskaras (impressions) are stored. So, at every given opportunity the mind pops up its own views depending on the accumulation of millions of such impressions or experiences or incidents.

This is how one dangerously performs ones own activities of daily life without any filter to what pops out of the subconcious. Almost all the thoughts are unfiltered and are allowed to be implemented in our physical plane as and when they pop from our subconcious, the results of which cause so much of unrest and confusion. This is where third eye helps. The third eye is not a physical organ but your own soul that is watchful. It is the awareness. Anything and everything that happens in life, if viewed from this third eye, which is divinely pure and true to the core, one has to have clarity in one's thoughts, words and actions. But, easier said than done, this still does not remain impossible to achieve. If we want the world to treat us rightly, to understand our views, to allow us be ourselves, then we have to develop the habit of seeing every moment through the third eye. Honesty activates in us with this third eye view. It is the extraordinary ability to judge one's own clarity of thought, word and action through the soul that is ever pure. Two examples. Our perception of right and wrong is similar to a judge in the court who looks at two set of people with two different opposing thought, word and action and finally gives verdict on what is right. Now, this depends highly on available "proof". It certainly need not be the right judgement because the verdict is based on available "logic" proof. Then, there is the God's judgement which beleivingly is supposed to be very acurate and unbiased in any form. Our minds always act as the judge and keep on looking around for validity, logic and proofs. Such judgement comes from the ego mind that again but comes from the sum total of all our experiences and samskaras (impressions) which can be totally wrong if one has had a majority cultivation of negativity. Now, the third eye view is the judgement of God. Since our soul is nothing but God in itself, it has the power to look at things like God is supposed to do. Allow this power to overtake and override all decisions we make, all things that we see and perceive. When this is practised slowly the pure soul begins to dominate one's ego mind. That is real victory! One will notice as one practices looking through the third eye that one has the courage to say "Yes, I am wrong" and when this happens know that the power of God within you has begun working.

Whenever there is a confrontation on any matter in life among two people or two situations there always exist three views to it. If you and me happen to confront each other, then there is your view, my view and the third angle view. What matters here for both should not be your view or my view but the third angle view - the view of God. If you and me both have the courage to chose this third angle then nothing will go wrong between us for both will soulfully understand what is right.; again, not your right or my right but what is "justly" right. What normally happens is that both the opposing people or set of people will infinately argue that they are right. Looking at one's own views and perceptions from their own set of samskaras (impressions) it is true that each one will be correct from their own point of view. But the solution lies actually in the third angle. This God's eye will help open up the fact of whose view is right. And, when both accept the decision of this unbiased judgment of the third eye, then one person will have the ease in accepting one's mistake while the other will never want to critisize or judge the other person's wrong because of the purity of chosing the inner God's view.

Keep practicing looking through this third eye and you will see things in clarity. You will see answers to lot of "whys" in your life. Life will become simpler yet rich. Everything will start falling into place. False views and false clothing about one's own self starts falling and one experiences connection with one's own divinity. But to bring this into your conciousness, this has to be consistently practiced - by being aware all the time of your own powerful third eye.. Stay blessed.

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