Saturday, December 06, 2008

Release your pain unto you...

Everyday, in and out, anyone I meet, I see a common face in all of them.. something that is very common these days.. Behind the faking faces of unreal smiles and glory there lies a face of gloom, despair and sorrow.. I read it in almost all the faces I see everyday.

Life must go on, says their faking smiles and laughing faces that fail to hide the lines of worry and fear. Everyone carries within a genuine little story of their own. But fortunately the moment I find their true selves behind their made up bodies, they are more than happy to share their truths. These truths and bottled up feelings and emotions flow out heavily as they watch my attentive eyes and a non-reactive face. Everything spills and I listen and encourage them to pour it out. Most of them take pauses in between to reassure if I am listening or to recheck if they need to stop. Any ways, I listen. The first reaction that follows when they empty themselves is either embarassment or relief of releasing the miseries. With both reactions I am happy for I know they have done themselves great help of releasing those tormenting afflictions.

What follows is what I have to say about it, which isnt as important as my lending ears. A smile on my face during this one-sided interaction helps them feel safe and comfortable. What I discuss after that to them, again, isnt more important than the point I want to put across here. Lending a sincere ear to someone solves half the person's problem. The rest half is how you advice the person in an unbiased manner. I have seen that many open up to me because they know they will recieve an unbiased answer no matter what, and most of the time it is not what they want to hear. This is what actually lacks in every individual. The inability to see things or judge things for themselves in an unbiased way. This is because they fail to separate their true selves or soul with the concious or conditioned mind that has learnt and adapted everything right from birth till date. The moment one learns to separate or detach from the concious mind or the ego mind, true answers from the divine follows. There is no need then to take these advices or guidances from any person for the same true advices are within oneself.

Meditation gives insight to one's true self. Meditate and contemplate on your own soul and it will open the flood gates to infinite answers. Release your every anguish, pain, suffering, guilt, fear in meditation and recieve the same answers and assurance you seek within another being. It works!

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